Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All the first-s.

For the past few days since I embarked my journey to the west, I have experienced so many first-s.

First time stepping in Dubai. the land of oil
First time knowing that we can actually get a free meal from the airport if your transit is more than 4 hours. only one set meal from McD. First time having a German family. :) they are very lovely.
First time riding a classic bicycle. with reverse brakes on the pedal.
First time opening my OWN bank account. I own a Commerzbank account! First time attending German school. It's so different from our schools in Malaysia. Now I feel like schools in Malaysia is like what Alicia says. JAIL. Their school is in the middle of the town and without fences and all.
First time riding 5KM to school on bicycle. If only you ride it then you'll know how tiring it is for a person who NEVER get to cycle in Malaysia. One thing I'm proud of myself is that I did not stop. :D 
First time cycling straight into a wall. I was like WAAAAAAAA~ *crash*   I know I need a bit more time to get used to this Classy bike of mine. Don't laugh, I'll get it right soon enough. You just wait! 
First time making German friends in school.  They younger ones are so much more fun and friendly as I got to join Alicia's class for two period today. They taught me how to pronounce the German Alphabets. Mannn, it's hard. 
First time playing HOCKEY! I got to play hockey game with mama and Alicia during their training and made a few goals, yo! But now my back hurts, haha. 
First time nearly going out of breathe after running. Do you know that it is much harder to breathe in cold weather after doing vigorous sports?

Now, it's only the very beginning and I still have so many more first time-s I look forward to like
Swimming with Alicia tomorrow. 
Cycling to school without feeling tired.
Watching a play at the theater.
Actually making a conversation in German with my new friends.
Watching Final Destination 5 in a cellar turned into a mini cinema. 
Completing 80KM bike ride with papa and Alicia.

Till the next time, Tschuss! (;

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