Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm finally here!

Hi guysss! I have arrived safely in Germany!

14 hours of flight and 5 hours of transit wait in Dubai was very long and tiring. But apart from that, the flight was alright, nothing special. At first, I thought that we would be busy chatting away but it turned out to be a quiet journey because, if we all talked, it would be abit too noisy and since we were seated in a row, it was quite difficult to talk to each other.

Cut my hair! :P

Elil, Emy and I

Chloe, Lee Chen, Karyee and YingJee!



Free meal from Dubai Airport!

Arrived safely in Dubai Airport!

Finally arrived at Frankfurt airport!
Anyway, we arrived at Frankfurt Airport around 7.30 in the morning and Tung's parents were there to greet him! The rest seven of us,  had to wait for our train at the AFS gathering place at the airport. Soon enough, students from other countries started coming to the gathering place; Thailand, Japan, Argentina, Australia and few more others I think.

As I sat there waiting for my turn to leave for my train which is at 3pm it's a really long wait ok, I was so silent, couldn't pick up the courage to talk to the rest cause they had trouble speaking in English. hah, it was then that I realized how important language is to communicate. Without a commonly shared language, it's like talking to someone but nothing goes through because they don't understand each other.

Gathering place with the exchange students from Thailand.
Enjoying our YUMMY Muffin!

Huge yellow banana!
The group from Argentina. I have no idea what they are saying. =/

The four remaining ones that have yet to meet their host family.

We were all feeling so dirty after not showering for almost a day and a half, we couldn't wait to just reach home and take a nice warm bath.

Anyway, so I'm now with my host family and I finally finished transferring all my stuff into my cupboard.
It's 7pm here and it's already dark. I'm feeling tired too from the jetlag.

I have one more thing to say before I go,
Communicating with my host family is so not as easy as I thought. Only my mama host mom speaks fairly good english, papa host dad and Alicia host sister doesn't speak much english. So yeah, I hope I learn my German soon!

The only word I understood during my whole bike trip with papa and Alicia was,
Alicia: papa, .... schnell.. something about, papa you're going to fast?
because I was cycling behind them. hehe.

They got me a bicycle, it's a bit of a classic one and the back brake is not on the handle so it's something that I have to learn to get used to. :)

Ok, I better go, will update more when I get the chance. (;

Tschuss~ bye.


  1. Girl, You haven't yet seen bigger ones, banana I mean! But our local home grown Malaysian banana definately taste better.

  2. Have a jolly good time in Germany; eating German food, learning German language and culture but do remember your folks back home k.

    Tschuss :)

  3. You are? XD

    hahah, i thought they tasted the same. XD I find that the bananas skin here are much smoother and thicker.

    Thanks! :D of course i will remember but I'm trying hard not to think about them coz it makes me homesick. Haha. :)

    Tschuss! :P

  4. Homesickness is part and parcel of leaving home. It will also make you realise "HOME is where you feel most loved and safe..........."