Monday, February 13, 2012

Picnic with the AFSers

I got an invitation a week back to join the rest of the AFSers for a picnic at Sentul Park on the 11th of Feb(Saturday). I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to get to know some other AFSers as they were mostly returnees.

On the morning of that day(which is last Saturday), I was actually still unsure how I would be getting there. My mom asked me if I was sure I wanted to go as on that very morning, I only knew Mariani from my batch who is not officially a returnee like me and a two other returnee who facilitated our orientation camp who were going. I was clueless who else I would meet. I told myself that I wasn't going to back out now so since my parents were also suppose to attend a talk at the Oriental Hotel next to KLCC, I decided to catch a ride to KL with them and then catch a train from KLCC to KL central to switch train to KTM to reach to Sentul Station.

Everything went as planned and I arrived in KLCC around 1. I had 2 hours to kill so I went to HTC to check out the price of the phones and that only made me walk all over KLCC to find the shop. After that I went to do what girls do best; SHOPPING!

I was lucky that I was just on time to catch the train to KL central and when also when I needed to hop on the KTM to Sentul. Phew!!

I while after I arrived at Sentul Station, I heard a shout from behind and I turned and saw a group of people around my age. One of the guy asked me if I was going to the picnic and so we went searching how to get to the park together. We introduced ourselves and I found out that there were four Germans in that group and the other two were AFS returnee from Germany too! What a coincidence! We chatted away while we walk to the park. I really thought that I was really lucky I got to meet them!

It was a very nice picnic as many of the AFSers got to meet up after many years. Listening to them share abit of their experience just give me so much confidence that I will be looking for an amazing year ahead of me. It really does.

Here's a few thing the Germans shared with me about their country
1. Germans are very friendly people but they don't just go up to you and talk to you, you have to make the first effort to talk to them.
2. There's so much to see in Germany, the scenery, the technology, the cars, the people, the culture! Oh, I'm so excited!
3. One of them told me the town I'm going to is quite a dead town.  I don't know why but that somehow just doesn't discourage me.

Somethings I got to know about the Germans is
1. The speed they speak is like a jetplane! Gosh! I'm seriously gonna need a machine to slow time down just to understand what they are talking about.
2. They are verywelcoming. (: Mareen invited me to her place down south of Germany! I hope that I will get the chance to meet Lena and Mareen in Germany!
3. Who says Germans are loud and aggressive!? They so are NOT! They are really nice people!

I'm just really glad to have met them. Really really glad. And also the rest of the AFSers! They are such nice, crazy & fun people to be with! I'm really happy and thankful to be given a chance to be in this community.

I was so caught up with talking and mixing around that my camera didn't even had the chance to get out of my bag even once! Luckily Johann was busy snapping away and we also had a few group photos. So, hope you enjoy the pictures I got from the AFS YES page!!

Playing Jig-gle-low.

The Germans;Mareen, Ididn'tcatchhername, Lena. Johann at the back.
Our 'oh so oriental' picnic food! haha.
Enjoying the park.

Everyone had so much catching up to do.
The tallest guy there is Jona(let me help you get this right;
his name is pronounced as Yo-na, not Yuna the singer but Yo-na =D)
One formal shot and...

This is what we actually do instead. :P

What was even better about that day is that I got to know more about what these returnees do after they return from their exchange, what kind of stuff they do and volunteer. It's nice to know that there are a bunch of people who thinks just like the way that you do.

Special thanks Suraya for the lift to ShahAlam Station and Tyng for the company on the train ride back home! It's really nice to meet you and hope to see you guys soon!

It's so exciting to be part of the AFS family.

Till today, it's 10 days till I FLYYYYYY! wheeeee~

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