Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They will surely be missed

It's less than 4 daysss!! Less than four days before I depart from the country that I have lived in for the past 17 years to take on a challenging intercultural exchange all by myself!

The one year program didn't at all sound scary to me at first but now that I realize what I will be apart from for one whole year, I'm starting to get worried if I will get homesick. No matter how homesick I get, I vow not to declare Early Return(ER), I shall complete my year program and return safely in year 2013.

So, here's what I'm going to miss:

T. H. E. M., them!

The most important people in my life. <3

Their three kids won't be by their side soon, it is sad to say goodbye but it reaches a time where they are let to spread their wings out to fly. Both my parents who have been overseas to study and work know that it's never stopping their children from going abroad to learn and explore.

One in Dubai, another in the UKs and now the youngest leaving for Germany.  It's soon going to be how it used to be back to the days when there was only the two of them.

I'm so gonna miss you mummy and daddy and da ger and er ger! <3 It's my turn to flyyyyyyyy!

Thank you so much for being such a big support to me! :'(

The most important dog in my life. Starlie <3
I still remember the time I cried when another family wanted to take you away from me after a few weeks of babysitting you. In the end, you stay with us until today. She's the naughtiest and the cutest dog I have ever known.

See that tear mark below her eyes, she only started having it a few months back. I guess she figured out that I will be leaving her soon. ><

Hope that my parents will be able to handle her. Do take care of mummy & daddy for me okie! <3
They light up my life. (:

The Girls!


Sisters from another parents. Alicia my BBBBBBBF.
What a coincidence that my host sister has the same name as my BBBBBBBF. =D

Childhood mates. <3

High school classmates for life.
I thank them so much for organizing a farewell party for me. It was great meeting them before I leave for a year. <3 Gonna miss you guys!

When I return and start studying, I'll be one year behind all of them. but you guys won't ditch me one larh horrrrr?  See you guys soon aite! (;

This crazy bunch too! :D

Things I'm looking forward to:

Meeting THEM! 

Host Mommy-Cornelia. Host Sista-Alicia. Host Daddy-Horst.

'Host Parrot'-Lora!  I'm gonna have a talking pet!

I'm so so so so excited! Can't wait for Friday! =D

Oh, the groups going to Argentina and Switzerland are leaving this week too! You guys have a safe flight, take care and see you in a year's time! Bon voyage!

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