Thursday, February 23, 2012

This baby is unwell

This poor girl is having joint problem; her patella(knee cap) is not in place.

Why does this have to happen only a few days before I leave?? I hope that she will be alright under mummy and daddy's care.

Just took her out for her morning walk and I noticed that she's limping even though she tries not to make it obvious. She is such a persistent girl just like her owner here. :P. Despite her hind legs giving her trouble when she walks, she still insist that she on walking by talking her the long route to go home. I don't hear grumbles and complains from her too, only slight squeek when she has to jump up into her cage.

And when we think that she eats everything in the world including curry powder, she actually doesn't. She just won't swallow the medicine that she has to take! I tried putting the medicine(powder form) on her favourite fruit-papaya but when she licked it and tasted the medicine, she started shaking her head, splitting it out with her saliva. I wonder why won't she just eat the medicine and her pain will go away.

What a stubborn girl she is.

"Don't disturb me, my hind legs hurt so badly that I just wish I don't have to get up."

Pain, pain, please go away.

Please get well soon, darling. We are not used to seeing you this inactive like that and it's painful to see you in so much pain.

I'm gonna miss you so much.  :`( See you in a year okie, be a good girl.

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