Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cooking dinner!

I helped mama prepare dinner for the 3 of us since sis is away.

So, let's start. I think that it is quite easy to prepare, so, maybe you can try it too! :D

From the recipe magazine.

Cut the white bread into small pieces.
 The bread is to prepare the crispy bread crumbs on the top.

After cutting them into small pieces, now it's time to make it crispy!

Melt the butter.
 After melting the butter in the pan, you can put the pieces of bread in to fry until it becomes crispy.

At the mean time, you can prepare the rest of it like the fish, potato and onion.

Fish fillet

Boil the potatoes.
 Then also, you have to boil some potatoes. Make sure you don't boil it for too long because you're going to cut them into slices later.

Raw sliced leeks
 Cut the leeks into slices like these and then you have to fry it for around 10 minutes in some butter. Don't forget to put in some salt and pepper to give it some taste!

Fry the Leeks.

Adding some salt to the fish too!

Slice the fish into small pieces like these.

Spread some butter over the tray for baking.
 Now, I am not quite sure if you can find this white cream in the grocery shop. It is called schmand and it tastes like whip cream only that it is not sweet. Maybe if you can't find the exact same thing we used, try looking for something that is mild sour whip cream.

Evenly lay it out on the baking tray.

You can go back to your bread crumbs and the onions now. As long as you think the bread is crispy enough, you can turn off the fire.

The crispy crumbs

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of laying out the food on the tray because I was too busy helping.

But it's not hard, you just need to lay them in rows. First you can lay the sliced potatos, then the pieces of fish fillet and cooked leeks alternately. Don't stop there, continue laying them until you have filled the whole tray.

If you would prefer some cheese, you can put some shredded cheese on the top. Remember to put in your crispy bread crumbs too!

When you want to eat it. Just put it in the oven to bake for around half an hour and there you get your meal!


Our meal!

Simple and easy meal. Not to hard right? :D

Do tell me how yours turn out. (:


  1. Baked food is definately healthier than fried.
    You've so lucky to live with a family who's not those "fast foodie type"!

  2. but if you have fried your bread before you baked it, plus the cheese, what's the difference?
    so what is this dish called?