Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cooking Meetings

Last Tuesday evening, I joined my friend, A in a Cooking Meeting her neighbour's daughter organized. I thought that it was a great meeting. It was so brilliant for the organizer to arrange for these kinds of meeting, it is such a nice way to bring people with common interest together.

I am very glad that I joined her in this cooking meet up as I got to meet the ladies. And guess what, it was such a coincidence, one of the ladies is from Malaysia and another one is from ShangHai! They are currently living in the same town as me!!

I'm glad that I found some people who went through the same situation as I am going through now; learning the German language and adapting to a new foreign country. When you see people that manage to overcome tough challenges and listen to their stories, it gives you the encouragement to keep going too. 

Everyone brought their own ingredients for the dish that they wanted to cook and without wasting much time, we all started getting busy cooking. It was my first time joining them so I had no idea what to prepare. My friend and I only helped the ladies cook this time but maybe the next time, we will try cooking something together.

Here are some of the food cooked on this meeting;

Someone made Spinach Pizza..

Spinach and cheese on the pizza and a cheese dip.

Another lady made Meat sticks..

Meat, Tomato, Mushrooms, Paprika, Cucumber and some Sauce to go with it.

Another made Cucumber & Onion with eggs..

This is my first time eating fried egg like this. Since I came to Germany, I have only eaten hard boiled egg. It was deliciousss~

The lady from Shanghai cooked a Mix Vegetable dish.. Ohh, I miss my home food after eating that...

Celery, Carrots, Prawns and Peas.

And the lady from Malaysia cooked Curry and Rice. It was a special kind of curry because it was made to suit the German taste. The curry was not too spicy, just fine for the Germans. It was different from the ones I eat at home in Malaysia but because I have not eaten it for such a long time, it tasted so incredibly delicious to me. 

I may enjoy the food here, but I do miss Malaysian food...

Once everyone finished cooking their dishes, we sat down at the table to try out the different kinds of food.

I should have been smarter like my friend to go with an empty stomach. Since I ate lunch that afternoon, my stomach was bloated after the first round of food testing. All the food were so delicioussssss but there was no more room in my stomach to take in more food.

But I could not let myself leave without trying this super yummy dessert one of the ladies made.

Cake with almond nuts on top... Fuhh~ yum yumm~

I noticed that the food they cook here are really fast and easy, nothing too difficult. I think that maybe I will start to like cooking after joining these ladies in their cooking meetings.

I really enjoyed the meeting and I have decided to join them with my friend in their following meetings which is once every month. I bet it is going to be fun! =D

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  1. Wow the food really look delicious. it's 7am now and my oh my, my stomach is growling!
    Do have fun in Germany and try whatever you can get your habds on and enjoy your stay there :)