Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fantastic first weekend to begin with

I must say that my first weekend in Germany was AWESOME & full of EXCITEMENT!

First it was baking brownies on Saturday morning with my sister to bring to our Hockey Tournament in the afternoon. Yes, I took part in my FIRST HOCKEY TOURNAMENT! They were short of players that's why I got in, but could say that I was not bad for a first timer. I think?

Coach talking to the girls.

Go Team Itzehoe! (;
My sister in the black I <3 MY shirt! (:
She's superb.
After the game.
My teammates! =D
We didn't win but we shall the next time! just wait!  The Itzehoer will be back to beat you flat! =D   

On Sunday early morning, we drove down to Hamburg for the Fish Market, I wonder why it is called fish market when they sold more than only fishes there. I think it's the previous name for it. There was fruits stall, vegetables stall, stalls that sold LOTS OF PLANTS, sweets stall, food stall.... They were stalls that could move; stalls On The Run, in trucks. I think it's quite cool and convenient too!

Another cool thing about this market is that if you wait until the bell that indicates the sellers have to start clearing up their goods ring, you might be able to get things for a really cheap price like a whole box of grapes for only 1 EURO, yes, 1 EURO! or maybe 1 whole box of Red Pepper/ Paprica for 2 euro. ;D

Stalls on the run.
Sweet Brot
People enjoy watching the sellers sell their goods.

I think that costs only 15 euro?
Getting a week's stock of paprica.
That's the box of grapes that cost only 1 euro.
Walking next to the port.
You can also enjoy a hot drink in the cold morning.
The schokolade lover like me. <3

Something happened after we finish our shopping that morning, my toes went missing, I just couldn't feel them at all. Hamburg is very nice, it looks like a city, city. But the weather there was just too cold.
It was more of a drive through Hamburg, so I didn't get to see much of it. I guess I should make another trip down to Hamburg to explore a bit more since mama and papa goes there often.

That Sunday evening ended great too, we went for my first AFS meet up with the volunteers from my AFS chapter. It was very nice because there was two other exchange students from Brasil and Italy who have been here for almost half a year and they shared with me their experiences. I think I was very much comforted and convinced that everything is going to be alright. It will get better in time, I'm pretty sure. (;

Till the next time,

Gute Nacht! (;

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