Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gardening with mama!

 The weather was great yesterday! Finally, temperature above 11 degrees.

Since sister is away on her scouts meeting, me and mama found ourselves something to do - GARDENING!

Spring is coming, the flowers are all starting to bloom. So, time to decorate the garden with colourful flowers!
The walkway up to the front door.

We did the left part of the garden. :)

After loosening up the soil, we started planting the Freesien mama bought.

Can't wait to see them grow!

Bury the freesien! :D

Mama gardening.
Here's some of the flowers in our garden. Mama planted them last week. :D

The colour is so beautiful.

The pond in our garden.

They have this too! So cool!
I don't know what it's called in English but it is the thing to pump water from underground. And it still do work!
Our trampoline

Front view of the house with the pond

Gardening was fun! The weather made it perfect to enjoy. At least here, you won't worry about sweating and getting your body sticky and eeky all over after it.

Our neighbour came out to work on her garden too! I think that soon, people will start spending more time outside. ;D The weather is just too nice not to be outdoors!

Not to forget, Easter is coming up! Some houses, they have already put up their Easter eggs in the garden for decoration. Mama bought plenty of decoration, so we will start working on ours too!
It would be my first time celebrating Easter! I can't wait to help with the decoration and hiding of our little gifts. hehe.

My mom in Malaysia would love to have a garden like this to work on. Mummy, how I wish that you were here to enjoy it too. ;)

Stay tuned for the next post, cooking dinner!
You guys can try cooking it too, it's so easy!


  1. Gosh those pictures, they sure make me miss the spring time, the flowers popping out from the group, the robins hopping and flying around!

    You forgot to show us you in your gardening gears, or rather your prefer being a photographer.

    Either way, do enjoy yourself, spring is such beautiful season, it just makes your want to sing and dance in the sun.

  2. very beautiful pictures sweetie! :D