Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, SIS!

Dearest sister's birthday was last Friday on the 16th of March!

I know, I know, sorry for the very late update! Was too caught up with my activities. Sis was busy last weekend too, so we only had a little celebration for her on Sunday instead of Friday. 

She is a really lucky girl, she received so many lovely presents for her birthday.

So, on Friday, she received her presents from us.

Many more inside the biggest present.

The most special present of all was breakfast (huge bowl of mixed fruits salad)!

Mama made the fruits ready and decorated the dining table just for her birthday. 

A bowl of colourful fruits.

The setting of the dining table for her birthday.

I handmade a birthday card for her.
The front picture was drawn by me and I attached a bar of Toblerone on the card.

Glad to see a smile on her face.

Her presents from us!
 Noticed that huge pink purple cone? Her girlfriend gave it to her and she had to carry it with her on the bus home. It was funny how she got weird looks from people on the bus. Guess what is inside the cone? Bars and bars of SCHOKOLADE! Her favourite!

And on Sunday, we had a little tea party to celebrate her birthday with relatives. 

Mama and I baked an apple cake and I made some jelly too! The apple cake was yumm yummm~~ however, they didn’t like the jelly so much.

Living room.

Ready for tea.

The family.
Alicia was exhausted when she came back from scouts but I am pretty sure she was the happiest girl that weekend. (: 

Once again, Happy birthday, Schwester(sister)! =D
May your wishes come true! xoxo~


  1. Big family ya but why are you not in the picture?


    The fruit salad does look good and appertising.

  3. Because I was the photographer! :D

    :D It is lekar(delicious) too!