Thursday, March 15, 2012

Learning Ice-skating!

Here's another first time for me; first time in the  German ice-skating rink! The first thing I noticed different about it is that it is not in a shopping mall, it is a building of its own. Besides that, the crowd at the rink is not the ones I used to see when I'm in Malaysia. Here, there is people of all age group; from kids of 4 years old maybe to adults! There was not one or two adults, many adults, in fact!

I was surprised when I saw them bringing their basket of food (cakes and tea) with them to the skating rink like it was a whole family outing. I find it very nice for the whole family to go on outings like these.

Back home in Malaysia, our outings were mostly to shopping malls for shopping, shopping and more shopping. Maybe there should be some changes, don't you think?

The machine to melt the ice again.

I think that the machine should melt the ice every 10 minutes because when they start skating on the ice, within 5 minutes, it would be as rough as before it was melted. I'm serious! You would think they scrape the ice more than they skate.

Just so you know, it's not very nice to skate on rough ice especially for beginners like me.

It was hard for my at first, I had to skate really slowly. As I took my first few rounds around the skating rink, I felt like I was the only person there focusing on not falling down while the rest are just happily skating away. My eyes and focus was perpetually on the ice in front of me.

With more practice, I shall be as good as her. =D

Can't wait to skate with her again!
We shall try roller blade the next time.

She's the coolest!

After 2 hours of skating, I think my skating got abit better. I wasn't so wobbly anymore. It was steady and I could skate a little faster. That sure is quite good for someone like me, I think.

With some more practice, I'm sure I will be good in no time! :p

One thing that you would want to know, falling on your po(bumbum in German) is not painless. You might not feel it when you are still in the skating rink but once you are out of it, you will start to feel it hurt. Not to forget, the part above your ankles will also hurt a lot from the pressure from the skating shoes after all those skating.

Apart from all the pain, ice-skating is really fun and enjoyable! Like what people always say, no pain no gain. right?

Okayyyy, time to go!



  1. omg.. you are living the life i always wanted to live.. jealous

  2. Love reading yr experiences in Deutschland. More, More More Please.......Aunty LB.

  3. whao. Hehehe. =D come here then!
    aunt LB, I'm glad you enjoy my stories! will do, will do! =D