Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's welcome Spring! (:

 For the past one week, the weather has been getting better each day. The sun is showing itself now, shining brightly each day and warming up the cold weather.

Goodbye winter! (;

Next to school
 Notice those beautiful flowers on the ground blooming? :)

They are such beautiful little living things.

Orange, White and Purple.

They enjoy the weather too!
The land next to school.

Pupils now go outdoors during break time to enjoy the warmth from the sun. It is great. :)

TTFN, tata for now! (;


  1. Haha the flowers are pretty ryte?

  2. Even the flower are out to welcome the sunshine.
    See it will only get better!
    Thank you for keeping your updates going.
    Do enjoy reading your little write-ups and the pictures.

  3. i think your purple orange and white flower are called CROCUS.

  4. Yes, very pretty flowers!
    I noticed them in the begining of the week and I was like, OOoo~ flowers! =D

    (; Glad you liked them, I will surely update more. :D

    They are like wild flowers. Crocus it is. (;