Monday, March 12, 2012

My first trampoline experience

Yesterday, the weather in the afternoon was great and my sister decided to bring out their trampoline! I helped in setting up the trampoline. I took some pictures and videos because I thought that it would be nice to make a video out of it.

So, here's the video! My first ever video! Enjoy! 

Before I started jumping on the trampoline, I asked my sister if it was hard because it looked quite easy from the outside and then when I tried, I realised how hard it was. It is so NOT easy, especially when you want to try different stunts and styles. Believe me, it's hard, at least for me it's hard. So far, I only know how to jump the normal jump, not the sitting and the lying and the rolling and the flipping.

But then, it's my first time. So maybe after a few more practise, I would be as good as her, who knows! :P

Weekend is over, school tomorrow! I hope it will be another great week ahead, and it goes for you guys too, have a great week! =D


  1. hi Roxanne, how r u? heard from your mum you are in Germany on an exchange program..have fun then....stevenloong stable vision

  2. Never got a chance to actually see a real trampoline what more get a chance jump on one

  3. Hi uncle steven! (; yes, I'm in Germany already! I thought that you knew that I'm in germany? =D

    Thanks anyway! (;

  4. Whao, you are welcome to visit me anytime! then you will be able to jump on it!

    I'm serious, got the green light from mama. :DDD