Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My LOC(Late Orientation Camp) in Büsum

Last weekend, I was in Büsum with 13 other exchange students and 5 awesome AFS volunteers for my Late Orientation Camp which is one out of the three camps that I will be attending during my stay in Germany.

After school on Friday, I took the train alone up to Büsum. Dont' worry, nothing happened to me, I was perfectly safe. The journey was lonely at first but after changing trains at Heidi, I met some of the others from the group. We talked about our first few weeks in Germany and shared about things we thought was different from our home country.

At each train station stop before reaching Büsum, we also tried guessing whether the passengers that came on board were from our group. But, it was quite obvious they were not because if someone was from our group, they would look totally lost like we did when we got on the train. None of them looked like one of us, they look like, well, GERMAN.

The scenery during the journey was incredibly beautiful, I enjoyed the untouched nature. There may be many inhabitants in Germany but they leave mother nature as she is and this is what I like about the environment here. The nature gives people the feeling of calmness and freshness.

We come all the way from Malaysia, Thailand, Columbia, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Portugal, Japan
I like this kind of programs because we get the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. We get to exchange experiences, share thoughts and discover how different we are from each other. It is also very nice when you get to tell people that "Oh! I got a friend from Columbia, from Brazil, or from Thailand!". It is a great feeling. Not only that, you would always know that you have someone to contact when you go traveling to their countries.

We stayed at the Büsum Youth Hostel and I thought that it was a really nice place to spend the weekend. There were clean beds, big toilets, delicious food, fun games, everything was nice. To me, it was like a hotel instead of a hostel. Maybe it was just me that felt that way because most of the hostel that I have stayed in weren't as nice and comfortable as this I think.

OUR Frühstück (Breakfast)
Marmalade and Nutella

All kinds of yummy Ham

Obst (Fruits).  First time having that many choices of fruits to choose from for breakfast. =D

Cereal and Musli. I loved the mix fruits musli.

On Saturday, we made a trip out to the Büsum town and paid a visit to the the North Sea. The weather was not as fine compared to the other two days we were there but we still went ahead anyways.

The boats. I wish that I will get the opportunity to go out to the sea on those one day.

The girls I had lots of fun with.

Tour Ferry. I hope I get to go on one of those if we make a trip to Helgoland(an island nearby)!

I had lots of fun with the bunch them!

Busy street of Büsum

The spectacular view of North Sea. The wind however was freezing cold. =/

They are AWESOME!

Cycling is what we do here in Germany.

Shopping along the streets of Büsum.

He couldn't resist taking photos of the cute ducks and beautiful flowers.

On Sunday, we spent an hour outdoors in the warm sun playing volleyball, basketball and football. It was lots of fun!

We didn't know how to play the sport but we just PLAYED anyway, we played with the rules we came up with!
The group of north Germany!

The weekend was great! I wish the camp was for a longer period of time so that we could spend more time together.
Though the camp was only for a few days, it seemed like we have already known each other for a very long time.
Being back home now, I miss them all already! I can't wait to meet them again in 4 months' time! =DD

Till then, I hope they enjoy their stay as much as I will with mine!

See ya'll soon!

Also, thanks to the AFS volunteers for the amazing fun and informative weekend! We had a great time!


  1. What are those white structures on the beach, so many of them....

  2. They are like seats to enjoy the beach and nice weather. :D Many tourists go to Büsum for the beach and weather. :D

  3. that guy is sooooooooooooo hot!