Saturday, March 10, 2012

A short hour with the kids

As I have written in my previous post, I joined my sister at scouts yesterday. The weather was perfect for being outdoors and since there were more kids that turned up compared to last week, sister and her friend decided to take the kids into the forest for a game of hide and seek!

I took many photos with my phone and thought that it should be made a separate post. 

German style of lat tali lat.

Playing catching.

Holding the catcher.
 Different style of playing catching. The catcher has to say a word and then narrate a story, when she mentions the word in the story, you should let go of her and start running because she will start catching!

He's so cute.
 Next game, hide and seek in the forest. Are you ready?

The group that hides.

The finder.

We go to the forest!

First time in the German forest!

Present for everyone! Schokolade!
We brought chocolate for everyone to eat and the kids were just so happy to see the chocolate. =D  I was just as happy!

We stopped at the playground on the way back to scouts home.

The bunch that made my day. =D

The two elder girls.

The cutest and friendy-est.

This little boy here is so cute and nice. He knew that I couldn't understand German but he still tried talking to me by asking my sister for the translation in English and then tried saying it again in English. One sentence he said that kept a smile on me for the whole journey was "You're very friendly." I heard my sister saying it to him and when he repeated it to me, it was "ahhya yah yahaaa". So so so funny and adorable. 

Learning german with the kids is so much nicer because at least they won't mind teaching you over and over again.

He's really nice.

This little girl was so excited and happy when I started snapping pictures of them with my phone.

Piggy back!

On the way back to scouts house.

The weekend is here! =D Hoping for a great weather so that I can go out and play!

Have a great weekend too, my dear readers! (:



  1. Their Scouts nonit to wear Uniform nothing? just go n play?

  2. the houses has really big and tall roofs! lol

  3. Nonit one, very free one. no much rules too! and no adults to discipline them too! The older ones around 20 years old manage them and they look after each other! ;D it's so nice!

  4. Yeahhh, it's nice, you get to live up the in foot. :D