Monday, April 30, 2012

A day spent at Hamburg.

As my sister have been counting the number of weekends she have left before she will fly all the way to Malaysia, where I come from, she realized that she don't have many weekends left. So, this weekend, she decided to take Oma down to Hamburg and the whole family could spend a day together.

We left for Hamburg very early around half past seven to visit the Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg. In there, they have building structures, landscape, human beings all in mini size. It is like almost like a mini version of our real world.

The displays may be so tiny but every little detail is not left out. I am really impressed with the fine job of the team of people who made the miniatures.

You will see what I mean by very fine details in a minute.

Hochzeit (Wedding)

Zug (Train)
Geburtstag Party (Birthday Party)
Eislaufen (IceSkating)

Fußballspiel (Football match)
They also could make the whole room dark for the visitors to experience both daylight and nighttime. This is one of the city during the night.
Night life in the city.
They not only are small, they look so real too!

Mountain aread.
This is a miniature of the World's largest hotel made of ice and snow in Sweden.
This hotel is called the ICEHOTEL. It is located in a little village in Lapland which is 200km north of the Arctic Circle. It looks so cool, makes me want to visit it for myself.  Interested? Check it out here.

Another amazing miniature work from the Miniature Wunderland; the flughafen(Airport).

People waiting to board their flight at the departure hall.
Workers at the airport.
The miniature airplanes.
Check this out too! They made it so real by putting up the screen that informs the Arrival and Departure planes!

And yes, the planes actually arrives and depart from the airport.
The Miniature Wunderland surely attracts many visitors from everywhere and of all ages.
Fortunately, we decided to visit much earlier because by the time we finished admiring all the miniatures, there were so many people in line at the entrance waiting to enter already.

Admiring the miniature structures.
We made a slow stroll down the streets of hamburg. 
Guess what I found? A mini car parked by the roadside!
It is a three wheeled mini car! Don't misunderstand, it IS a real car, not a miniature.

Do you notice the handle on the front of the car on the left? How cool it is to enter the car from the front! :D
It is not just any car, it's a BMW!
After that, we visited the International Kunst Und Fotografie in Hamburg because there was Antony Gormley's exhibition. It is called Horizon Field Hamburg.

This project by Antony Gormley is 7.4 Meters from the ground, has an overall dimension of 4890x2490x206cm, it has 8 steel spiral strand cables, and it weights 67 tonnes.

Click here to find out more about the project on their blog. 

People on the platform.
The dark blank floor can make reflections of people like a mirror.

The four of us. :)
The only time I look bigger than her.
We loved the reflection and made cool pictures with the mirror effect. Sis did a great job being my model. :P

Last but not least, ME! :)
It was a nice outing with the whole family. I had much fun. :D

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I get to play with robots in Informatics lesson! =D

We are now learning how to program the robot using Java. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

I hit the Bulls Eye!

Please excuse me, the reason why I have not been updating much because I have been busy with things here.

But worry not, this time I brought you some interesting pictures! ;)

Last Saturday, I tried Archery for the first time ever. I bet many of you think that Archery is a very easy sport but don't be too quick to judge, give it a try first before making any comments. I must say that it is not as easy as it looks.

During that Saturday, my first try out, I made a few Bulls eye but trust me it was only beginners luck. But I'm really glad I got the chance to try out Archery for I don't think that I would ever get a chance back home. After my first try out, I have decided that I would go for this training and practice my concentration and accuracy. :D

Today, I attended training with my sister and there wasn't even once I hit the Bulls eye. The feeling and the concentration was not there today.

First of all, you have to stand parallel to the line on the ground with your legs as wide as your shoulder length. Then, look straight ahead, body straight up and only turn your head towards the target board.

Without moving your body or your head, hold the bow up and then pull the arrow with the string until your finger touches the tip of your mouth. Concentrate and aim the tip of the arrow at the bullseye and RELEASE!

Don't I look cool? :D
Check out my chio sis. :D

He's not a beginner like me.
One of the adults. Another Pro.

Our bench.
After seeing their cool bows, I so wanna have one myself. Anyone wants to sponsor me a bow? =)  An average price of a bow is 150 Euro and the expensive ones can go up to 1,000 Euro or so.

If there is a good Archery facility back home in Malaysia, perhaps I will consider getting one for myself. I find it is so cool.

The Pros

Find Archery cool now?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A day at Sylt

During the Easter holidays, I made a day trip with two other AFS exchange student from Argentina and Italy and my Contact Person to Sylt, an island in Northern Germany. 

First of all, Sylt the largest German island in North Sea, occupying an area of 38 square miles. Since 1927, it has been connected to the mainland. However, the ONLY connection between the island and the mainland is the Hindenburgdamm causeway, a railway corridor.

Yes, it means that there is no road that links the island to the mainland and the one and only way to get to the island is by train. Of course, if you're in an extremely great mood to walk, the island is only 9 to 16 km off the mainland. *winks* But you should also consider the tidal level because during high tide, there might not be land for you to walk on. heehe. Then again, please do not feel challenged because I should warn you before hand that the railway traffic is heavy each day,  just in case you attempt going to Sylt by foot on the railway tracks. ^^
This is an information from Wikipedia:
Every day, more than 100 trains pass over the causeway, 50 of those ferrying cars (there is no road link to Sylt). Each year, the railway ferries more than 450,000 vehicles over the causeway.

So, I suggest that you take the train if you plan to visit Sylt because it only takes 30 minutes from the auto terminals at Niebüll on the mainland to Westerland on Sylt.
Here is a picture of the railway track and as you can see on the left and right side is the North Sea already.
This is Sylt Island. :) Yes, it is a shape of a slanted 'T'. We took the train all the way to the Westerland in the middle. It was not far from where we lived. It only took us around 2 hours train ride.

Here, find out more about the Sylt Island.

On the way to Sylt, we made an hour pit stop at a town called Husum to see the famous Krokusblüte flower but which is said to bloom during the month of March and April. We were all anticipated to see the beautiful 'sea' of violet flower but unfortunately, when we arrived at the field where the flowers normally bloomed, they were no longer there; all there was were wilted Krokusblüte flowers.
This was what we expected to see but there was no luck to see the beautiful flowers.

Despite having unable to see the beautiful
Krokusblüte flower, Husum was still a town worth visiting as it was very beautiful. It was a small and peaceful little town.

The weather that day made it even more beautiful. The great weather that day was of course what we prayed for for a day spent at the beach.

A park in Husum.

At the morning market.

The Husum harbour at the background.
After a short hour spent at Husum, we continued our journey to Sylt. It was around late morning that we arrived at Westerland in Sylt. When we arrived, people were already busy walking on the streets of Westerland while some others were enjoying their drink out in the sun.

I find it very funny how the people living in the cold country enjoy the sun, they actually sit outside the cafe and FACE THE SUN DIRECTLY. I can never imagine anyone doing that in Malaysia. But of course, Malaysia is a warm country, so,  under the hot sun is the last place people would want to be. However, now that I'm here in Germany, I'm starting to enjoy the sun like how the Germans do because that is the only way I can get some warmth!

The sun was out but the North Sea wind was strong and chilly. My fingers were very much frozen! But it was good enough for us to enjoy our day at the beach.

Then of course, the scenery was too beautiful not to take pictures! I took many pictures but it is quite impossible to upload all of them, so, here are only some of the pictures that I took.

Everyone, meet my friend from Italy!


The other two exchange students.

A random person putting his kite.

Buying a ticket to the beach.
Yes, you have to buy a ticket to the beach if you are over 18. But I guess that it is not too expensive for 1.75 Euro?

Housing area of Westerland.

Beautiful houses.

It looks like a stairway to reach the beautiful blue sky. :)

The beach chairs to enjoy the sun.
Do you notice how the chairs don't face the sea but the sun instead? :)

The beach chairs are not free, you have to rent them for some Euros too. But we took advantage of the workers weren't looking. We made a few quick snap shots with the beach chairs before leaving the beach.

Don't ask me what 1959 means because it is just a random beach chair that we chose to take pictures with. We were already very lucky to find an unoccupied beach chair. Then again, we were using it without permission.

Time always flies when you are having lots of fun. Before we knew it, it was evening and we hopped on the earlier train back to Itzehoe to avoid the crowd.

It was a great outing with the girls and I hope that we will meet again soon!

I thank my contact person for taking time off her busy schedule to bring us on a day trip. I had lots and lots of fun!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

eine Überraschung for Easter!

My Kinder Suprise (Kinder Überraschung) from Tante (Aunt).

This is my first time eating Kinder Suprise chocolate and I was surprised to find a little gift inside! :D

p/s: Berlin, Berlin, here a come! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

My first Easter Celebration

My first time celebrating Easter! Not just anywhere but particularly in GERMANY!

A nice breakfast at a small cafe. It was very nice of Oma to treat the whole family for breakfsat. =)

Cosy cafe.
Crossing a river on a ferry.
Waiting to go over to the other side of the river.
Sis and Papa took the lying bike while I went in the car with Mama and Oma.

We accompany Oma at her house for a while after breakfast. The sun was shinning brightly and look what the horses behind her houses were doing.

Even the horses know how to sunbathe.
Oh, the horses are not owned by her, they are someone else's horses. :)

Standing out among the green.
Before leaving the house for breakfast in the morning, one of our neighbour already started their Easter hunt with the children in the garden but we only started ours after we returned home in the afternoon.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of us hunting because I myself was too busy hunting for my presents! So, here are pictures from after our Easter hunt. :)

Our findings.
These are the things that I got! :D
Do you see that picture of my sis and I there? It is a gift from my sis! It is now sitting on my bedside table. :) Thank you, SIS! I love it so muchhh.

And here is a photo of what I promised before; the gifts that sis and I made for Papa & Mama!

The yummy Marmelade we made!
Yeah! Marmelade! Don't they look cute??

They are not at all difficult to make, all you need are the fresh fruits and the special marmelade sugar, cook it for 5 minutes and Tadaaa~
Though it was our first time making marmelade on our own, I must say it was a success! They all taste super yummy~ I personally liked the Pineapple & Apricot and the Plums & Banana. Papa and Mama liked the gifts too!

The other gift that we prepared for them.
Mama's gift from Papa.

My Kinder Chocolate in the basket of Chocolates Mama gave me. :)
It was surely a nice Easter. I received lots of chocolates and also ate too much chocolate that day.

I hope you guys had a great Easter and received many gifts too! The Easter Holiday almost is over now, I will be going back to school tomorrow! =D