Friday, April 6, 2012

2, Day Trips with the girls

I thought that I wouldn't keep you guys waiting for too long to know about my trip to Bremen and Kiel so I'd share with you some photos first.

On Wednesday, we headed out early around 8 in the morning to Bremen so that we could avoid the traffic jam! It was surely a long drive down to Bremen, it took us almost an hour and a half to reach. Since our main purpose of going to Bremen was for shopping, we went straight to the WaterFront Shopping Mall where they had PRIMARK, the shop that was FULLY LOADED with cheap clothes and accesories.

I thought that we were early since we arrived like 20 minutes after that shopping mall was opened but there were so many more people that were way way earlier than us. When we went into Primark, people were already queuing at the cashier waiting to pay. The clothes on the shelves were already messed up. My sister and I didn't waste any more time, we started  grabbing clothes from the shelves too.

By the time we were done picking out the clothes we wanted to try, the queue to the fitting room was already "SNAKE LONG". Luckily they only allowed 8 garments per person in the fitting room. If everyone were allowed to try everything they took from the shelves, the queue would be at stand still for a very very long time. Some of the people just tried on the clothes outside the fitting room or some where in one corner.

The things at Primark is unimaginably cheap especially if you are earning in Euros! It was cheap for them but not for me, if I were to spend like them, I would have made a HUGE hole in my pocket when I convert the Euros spent back to Ringgit Malaysia. So, I had to budget myself and only buy what was necessary to keep me warm during my stay here. Not to forget, I will still have to carry them back home to Malaysia one year later.

Things I bought were quite reasonably cheap, so it was definitely a good buy that day! :)

All of these for under RM240. :)
After shopping, we made a short tour through the city of Bremen.
There were many old structures and each with their own names of the owner.

Old structures.
If it was a really sunny day, the tables outside the cafes would normally be occupied.


Centre of Bremen.

We also found a BONBON Manufacturer(Sweets manufacturer) while walking through the streets of Bremen. They had sweets and lollies of all kinds of flavours and colours.

The Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur
Just a little shop.

But with many kinds of colourful sweets.
We went headed back home happily with a 40 cent sweet in our hands.

Then on Thursday, which is yesterday, we made a visit to Kiel. Kiel is simply beautiful, a very nice city. There is also a university in Kiel so you can find many foreign students around. I understand why my sister likes Kiel so much now, I love the environment in Kiel too. You can enjoy the view of the calm blue sea which is just next to the city. How nice...

You will see what I mean from the pictures below. :) Just keep scrolling down..

Like a yacht.

Alicia & Mama.
Oh, don't be deceived by the picture, mama is not that short. Alicia was just standing on a step higher than she was.

People enjoying the sunny day.
We also visited an old church since before 1938.

The interior.
I know, it doesn't look that old, does it?

Sisters. :)
Then, we also visited the Langengrad Restaurant.Cafe.Bar where my sister did her 2 weeks Praktikum (Job Practice). Oh, I misunderstood. The Langengrad was not on a ship, it was in building that passengers waited before going on the ship. hehe, my mistake. Sorry if I got you too excited. XD  But even if it wasn't on a ship, the view that you could see from the Langengrad is just simply fascinating. The whole environment in the Langengrad was also very nice and classy.
The Bar
Comfy seats to enjoy your coffee.

Our reserved table.
On the open air terrace.

Enjoy the view from the terrace.

The ship stationed next to the Langengrad

If you see carefully on the right side of the picture, you can see a path that leads to the ship. There is the path that people take to board the gigantic ship.

It didn't take long before our food were served too.

My Spaghetti with clams and salmon.

Sis's Thai style salad. The dressing was LEKAR(delicious)!

Mama's carbonara macaroni,
They look extremely appetizing. Right? :D

View from the terrace.

Ship getting loaded.

The building and the terrace.

Everything was nice about the Langengrad, even the most important thing of all-FOOD. I think the three of us really enjoyed the food there.

I would like to visit Kiel again some day and hopefully or perhaps even get the chance to do a Praktikum at the Langengrad! *I shall keep my fingers crossed*

This is only one of the beautiful cities that I have visited, I am quite sure there are plenty more that I have yet to discover like the Capital of Germany - BERLIN! I can't wait to see how is Berlin.

But before Berlin, I am going to visit the most northern island of Germany-Sylt Island tomorrow! Goshh, I'm excited! :D


  1. Great pictures girl! :)

    Haha, I was thinking: Eh, didn't realise Alicia was so much taller!
    But turns out, Alicia was on a step! :) Heee...

  2. :DD Thanks! Glad you liked it!

    Yeahhh. XD Three of us are almost the same height but Alicia is getting taller. =/ I'm the shortest. ;(

  3. I just love your sky blue Longchamp tote. Can I borrow it?