Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Holidays!

The holiday that my friends and I have been longing for is finally here! For this holiday, we get a 2 weeks break from school. Many of my friends here made plans to go traveling with their family and so did I; I will be going to BERLIN for a 4 days 3 nights trip with the Baasch in the second week of the holiday! My sister and I are extremely excited as we have not seen the Capital of Germany before.

And guess what, mama manage to arrange a private tour for us around! A private tour for us so that we won't have to wait for others! That is like, SO COOL!! The apartment that mama booked for our accomodation too look really nice in the website. You can't believe how excited I am!!!

Easter is on this coming Sunday! SUNDAYYYY!!!! I seriously can't wait to see how it is like! My first Easter celebration ever!

On that Sunday morning, we will be having Easter Breakfast with Oma(grandmother) and rest of the relatives. Besides that, the Baasch also have Easter hunt around the house each year to search for little gifts made/bought for each other. I think that is a very nice thing to do among family members because it brings the family together and you get to do something for each other. The gifts, they don't have to be expensive, just cheap and meaningful ones are good enough. If you don't want to spend too much money, you can go 'shopping' for ideas and then make something of your own with your creativity like how my sis and I are doing it for our gifts for mama and papa.

We are still half way into finishing our gifts for papa and mama but I'm already very eager to see the end product. If you want to know what we made, you are going to have to wait till after Easter when they receive their gifts. I can't reveal it here because then mama will know what she's getting. You know, it is a SURPRISE! I can't wait to see their reaction when they find the gifts we made them. I think they are so adorable and sweet. :) Sis thinks so too! :P

In the week, I will also be going to KIEL for a day trip with mama and sis. Kiel is the capital of the most northern state of Germany, Schleswig Holstein. Sis wants to show me the Restaurant on a huge ship where she did her praktikum(part-time work for 2 weeks) ! I have seen some of the photos she took and they are beautiful! I shall show you more pictures after I have been there. Maybe, maybe if it would be possible, I can perhaps do a praktikum there too! It's just a thought.

I will be quite busy this holiday. I am also going to visit the most Northern Island of Germany, Sylt with my contact person and a few others. Mama said that is it the most expensive island in Germany and they have many old styled houses. I think this island sounds very interesting! I shall see it for myself. :D We will be traveling to Sylt by train because there is a railroad that connects the island from the mainland. It is going to be a very long journey so we have to head out really early if we want to spend the whole day there.

Our garden decorated with Easter Eggs! (;

Aren't they cute! ;D

I don't have many pictures to show at the moment but don't worry, I'm sure that I will have plenty of pictures show you when I return from my trips. =D

So... so long till after the holidays!

I'm leaving for Bremen for a day Shopping trip! =D

Shopping with the girls! :D

Oh, Snoopy has something for you; EASTER EGGS! 



Hope you have a nice Easter! :)


  1. Looks like you are fully loaded and full of activities! u are really lucky u got a very nice family who are full of activities as well... Enjoy your time... take care as well...

  2. Thought will always remain a thought if you do not take action to make it happen.

    Happy Easter.

    What is Easter all about, will be interesting to understand the occasion.

  3. By the way, are those colourful eggs "real eggs"?

    What's inside the eggs, hollow?

  4. :D Yeap I am! (: Sureee! thanks!

    Yes of course, but it depends on whether circumstances allow me to make it happen too. :)

    No, they are not real eggs, only plastic eggs. I think the real eggs are too heavy to be hanged on the tree like that. XD