Monday, April 9, 2012

My first Easter Celebration

My first time celebrating Easter! Not just anywhere but particularly in GERMANY!

A nice breakfast at a small cafe. It was very nice of Oma to treat the whole family for breakfsat. =)

Cosy cafe.
Crossing a river on a ferry.
Waiting to go over to the other side of the river.
Sis and Papa took the lying bike while I went in the car with Mama and Oma.

We accompany Oma at her house for a while after breakfast. The sun was shinning brightly and look what the horses behind her houses were doing.

Even the horses know how to sunbathe.
Oh, the horses are not owned by her, they are someone else's horses. :)

Standing out among the green.
Before leaving the house for breakfast in the morning, one of our neighbour already started their Easter hunt with the children in the garden but we only started ours after we returned home in the afternoon.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of us hunting because I myself was too busy hunting for my presents! So, here are pictures from after our Easter hunt. :)

Our findings.
These are the things that I got! :D
Do you see that picture of my sis and I there? It is a gift from my sis! It is now sitting on my bedside table. :) Thank you, SIS! I love it so muchhh.

And here is a photo of what I promised before; the gifts that sis and I made for Papa & Mama!

The yummy Marmelade we made!
Yeah! Marmelade! Don't they look cute??

They are not at all difficult to make, all you need are the fresh fruits and the special marmelade sugar, cook it for 5 minutes and Tadaaa~
Though it was our first time making marmelade on our own, I must say it was a success! They all taste super yummy~ I personally liked the Pineapple & Apricot and the Plums & Banana. Papa and Mama liked the gifts too!

The other gift that we prepared for them.
Mama's gift from Papa.

My Kinder Chocolate in the basket of Chocolates Mama gave me. :)
It was surely a nice Easter. I received lots of chocolates and also ate too much chocolate that day.

I hope you guys had a great Easter and received many gifts too! The Easter Holiday almost is over now, I will be going back to school tomorrow! =D

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  1. You do sound excited about school reopening tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your time in school and learning your German language!