Sunday, May 13, 2012

13. Störlaufs 2012

Ich lief ein 5 km-Marathon! I ran a 5KM Marathon today! 

And yay I didn't turn out the last!!! I did my very best and ran to the finishing line with all the energy left in me. 

15 minutes before the run.

10 minutes before the run...

There were so many people that took part in the marathon today. They were not only from Itzehoe but from over around Schleswig Holstein.

Warming up.
And guess wad, I broke my previous training records! So proud of myself now! :P My record 31:54. I came in the 439th place over 1026. That is like so so so bad but still at least I ran, right? 

I completed my run!
Trust me, it is not that easy to run when the weather is so cold here. Even running that much is not enough to warm my body up. My fingers were practically frozen by the end of the marathon.

It was a great run. I could have done better with more training but I am satisfied for now. :D 

The runners. "D
Sis and papa ran their 10KM marathon and did really well. *clapclap* Congrats to them! ^^

I'm so exhausted right now. I think I will go to bed already, I have to wake up very early for someone's big day tomorrow! :DD

Do wait for the pictures in my next blog post! Sis did such a nice job decorating the whole living room for tomorrow's party. :)

Goodnight! Gute Nacht!


  1. Congrats, it's good to see that you're participating in the local activities and enjoying yourself.

    Do keep up the good spirit of participation and keeping yourself active.

  2. Well done 3422 .