Monday, May 21, 2012

Alicia's Confirmation

I am late again but as I promised, here's a post about Alicia's confirmation.

To be honest, this is my first time ever attending someone’s church confirmation. But it is no surprise because I don’t think that church confirmation is something normal for Christians back in Malaysia.

For those of you who are like me, have no idea what a church confirmation is, read on and find out more about it. Of course, those of you who have heard about it can read on too! :D

Actually, a church confirmation is simple yet very grand and important event for a young teenager around the age of 13-15. It is to confirm that that the child is a member of the church and also the Christian community. 

Before a child is confirmed, the child has to attend regular one hour church classes once a week for two years. Within the two years, the child also has to attend 24 church sessions. These are the requirements for Alicia but of course, they may differ from church to church.

Last Sunday, it was Alicia’s big day! Alicia along with 9 others had their confirmation ceremony at a church not far from our house. I wanted to know what they do during confirmation so I went along with her earlier to the church.

The pretty girl. :)
The other pretty girl. hehe, just kidding. :)
The candidates that were going to be confirmed that day arrived at the church earlier for a photo session and they had their photos taken. After that, they waited in another room while the family and relatives of the candidates took their seats in the church. 

The group of candidates.

Alicia on the far right.
The candidates later walked in very grandly with the pastor in front of them up to the alter. The ceremony proceeded with prayers and songs. Then, one by one, the candidates with confirmed by the pastor and were given a necklace and a certificate of confirmation. 

All the family and relatives of the candidates that were confirmed that day.

It was not long before the ceremony ended. Normally, the candidates will have a little party celebration after the confirmation ceremony and family and relatives were invited. Alicia had a little party celebration in the house.

Alicia decorated the living room so nicely for the party. I must say that she really did a great job.

Here are some pictures of the living room.

I helped to fold the serviette. So amazing how a simple serviette can be folded so neat and nicely.

The arrangement on the tables were also done by Alicia.

Fine decoration at the middle of the table.
This is my first time attending a party here in Germany. I personally think that the party here is so different from back in Malaysia.  Here, the party or perhaps a confirmation party goes on from afternoon until late evening.

Helping ourselves with the yummy buffet!
So, first of all, starters and main course were served to the guest. Later after all are full, they step outside to do some activities. The adults would take a smoke and chat while the children would play around the house compound.

We entertained ourselves with darts and table tennis. The little cousins went on the trampoline and kept themselves busy.

The two little cousins.
Inside the house, the host would prepare the dining table for the next course which is Tea and dessert. Here in this case, I helped mama prepared the cutlery, plates and cups for tea. 

After around 1 hour or so, the guest would come into the house again to enjoy their tea. We prepared so many different cakes and cookies for tea. Mama baked 2 cakes and bought 3 cheese cakes, Alicia made two huge tiramisu. 

All the different cakes.
This is the yummy Tiramisu Alicia made was incredibly tasty i tell you. :D

Mixed fruits. :)
I thought that the buffet we had was extremely delicious and the desserts too! I think after desserts, everyone was so full that they had trouble walking.

Around 4 or 5 in the evening, the guests left one by one.

Alicia's friends attended the party too. :)

These are not all she got. :D
The party ended. It was a very nice a meaningful party for Alicia. She’s such a lucky girl to have received so many gifts from her relatives. I think the one that she was most pleased with is her new camera that the uncles, aunties and parents shared to buy for her.

I am glad to have been able to attend her confirmation. My first time attending someone’s a church confirmation. It surely was an experience.


  1. really nice report :)

  2. Thank you, good to hear that you enjoyed it. :D

  3. your house is drop-dead gorgeous. :D and and and, yesh, you're definitely a pretty girl. <3