Thursday, May 24, 2012

An evening at the Boathouse

The weather today was totally perfect; the sun was shinning and it was not too cold. It was simply just perfect. I hope that the weather stays on like these, not too hot and not to cold either, just nice to enjoy my stay here in Deutschland.

So, we have currently having a week holiday because the students in the upper class are having their Abitur which is like Form 6 equivalent. For them here, after completing the Abitur at the age of 19, it is the end of their high school and they would be able to proceed to next step of their studying life - University.

Since the weather was so nice, it would be such a waste not to spend it outdoors. My sister and I decided to join the kayak training of one of the Itzehoe clubs. I knew someone that is involved with this club and he invited me to join them.

I must say that we both had lots of fun today. The best thing of today was we both experienced something new today-going on a Dragon Boat.

The Dragon Boat
 It doesn't look like the typical chinese Dragon Boat but at least it has the Dragon head and tail still.

Sis in the Kayak.
The last time I kayaked was to Pangkor Island from Lumut, Perak during a 10 days long Outward Bound School camp. During that time, I took the back sit in the kayak but this time, I took the front and Alicia took the back seat instead.

Front of the Kayak and the Boat House from the river.
The view of the river from the river bank.
 After a trip with the kayak, we decided to join the Dragon Boat Team on their DragonBoat and get a taste of what it was like to row a Dragon Boat! :P

Waiting to go on the Dragon Boat!
 I was pretty excited myself because it was the first time going on a Dragon Boat. What more, to actually train with the team. I had no idea how hard it was until.... today.

On the Dragon Boat! I'm at the last row on the left side.

Spot me! :P
Seriously, it is not that easy okay! Even with so many people on board to row the Dragon Boat. They had different rowing combinations. For example, 10 times slow speed, then 10 times again with faster speed, then 10 times again with faster faster speed, 10 times again slowed down speed, then 10 times again with slower speed and then 10 times again with slow speed. There was also another with 3 deep strokes and then 10 times extremely fast speed, and then 10 times normal speed (x5).

My arms were practically kaputt by the time we returned again to the BoatHouse. My arm muscles were stone hard after paddling for almost an hour. We did have short breaks in between but it was still very tiring.

But I must say that it was surely a good exercise for my arms.

It was really fun to go kayaking too! It was so fun today, I sure hope I can join them again soon!

I'm so happy that I get to do many sports that I don't normally get to do when I'm back home in Malaysia.


  1. yes perfect day for kayaking. Can see its a lovely weather. With so many "heavy weight" , how to row ?

  2. :D

    They are not heavy weight, they are our motor! :D

  3. You back and 2 updates!
    Having loads of wonder experiences, some lucky girl you are!