Saturday, May 12, 2012

JahrMarkt (Year-Market)

I am sorry for keeping you guys, my dear readers waiting for such a long time! I have been wanting to update my blog too but unfortunately my internet crashed end of last week. The internet crashed last last  Thursday and since it was weekend, the repairman could only come by on Monday to find out what went wrong and then.... it was a long process but anyway, here I am, I have internet now! :)

Now I know how much my life is dependent on the Internet. I am sure it is the same for many of you too, right? Be honest. :P Without the internet, it is as if you have lost contact with the world.

Last weekend, my sister and I went to the JahrMarkt (Year Market) which is held annually in our town. 

Actually, it is just like a mini carnival/themepark. There were lots of stalls selling food, sweets, ice-cream, beer, sausage... and some rides for people to play.It didn't take us long to finish exploring the whole JahrMarkt but I guess it is just some entertainment for the people here.

Sußigkeit (Sweets)
The sweets came in all kinds of shapes and types. Those heart shapes are sweets too! Don't they look cute?  There were sugar coated nuts too but so expensive! 

Break Dancer
This is one of the rides that you could go on.

They have this one that is called Jumper. Don't ask me why it is called Jumper because I have no idea why. The name don't seem to have any relevance to the ride.

In this ride, there was a challenge given to the riders. Each one of the is giving a plastic cup filled with water and they are suppose to have the cup with them throughout the ride. It is then up to you how you would hold the cup (some of them held it with their mouth... ) as long as the water stays in the cup. At the end of the ride, the person with the most water remained in their cup gets a free ride on the Jumper again.

It was really funny watching them on the Jumper.

There were also rides for little kids... so cute.

Oh, the Crepes they have here is so different! Here, the Crepes they have are soft. I am not sure if it is nice but I personally would prefer crispy Crepes like the ones I have back home. Iwill let you know if they taste good when I try it the next time. :D

This is the other 'scarier' rides they had there, I think.

After walking around for like half an hour, sis and I decided that we went for an ice-cream in town instead. We sat in town under the hot sun enjoying our yummy yummy ice-cream. :D

There goes my diet plan.  I have been eating so much sweet stuff like chocolate and ice-cream... Oh well, I just have to prepare to see my Fat Self after a year. 

Guess wad, I am taking part in a 5KM Marathon today! Do wish me luck! I will be over the moon if I don't come in the last place; they are all such good runners here. =/

Then, tomorrow, Sis is having her confirmation at the Church! I only hope that she lets me put up some photos to show you guys. Keep your fingers crossed. :P
I am excited about tomorrow too, my first time attending a confirmation. To be honest, I have no idea what is it like. Will have to find out for myself tomorrow! :)

Have a good day! I gotta help clean the house and prepare for tomorrow!

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