Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Papa!

Heute ist Papa's Geburtstag! Alicia und ich haben papa einen Kuchen gebackt. Der Obst-Kase Kuchen war wirklich lekar finde ich. 

Today is Papa's Birthday! Alicia and I baked him a Fruit Cheese Cake. I thought that it tasted extremely good. This is my second time baking cheese cake already. The first one I baked was marble cheese cake and it tasted okay.

Not bad right? I'm improving! I want to learn how to bake more cakes so that I can bake when I go back to Malaysia! :D

Cheese cake ready!

With the decorations!
Banana. Strawberries and Chocolate!

Papa cutting the cake!

I would like to say Happy Birthday again to PAPA! :D

It looks abit burnt but it is the colour of the chocolate! :D

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  1. Omjomom, das sieht alles seeehr lecker aus!