Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AVS Bundesjungspiel!

Sorry for the long absence, I have been caught up with activities. No, I wasn't being lazy okay.  :D

Anyway, my school had something like sports day on the Thursday, the 14th of June, the week before the last. They call it Bundesjungspiel here.

From 5th grade up to 10th grade (11-16 years old), the students have to participate in this Bundesjungspiel which took place in the town stadium not far from our school. But for students in 11th grade, they have other sport events like football match or volleyball match elsewhere. Also for students in the 12th and 13th grade, they did something different from ours.

Unlike Sports Houses we have in my school back in Malaysia, here, they go by classes. In other words, they compete against each other as classes.

However, before the actual sports day competition, they (we) first had to do all the different kinds of sports (Something like Sukan Tara we call it back in my school in Malaysia.) Then, the students with the best record time will represent the whole class to compete against the other classes.

It was compulsory that each pupil completed all 3 events, Running- a 100m sprint, Long Jump- further the better and also Throwing - a 200g weight as far as you can (Sorry, I don't know what it is called.) Unless you have an exemption letter from the doctor,you must participate in all the events. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't come out with good enough excuse to exclude myself from participating.

Yes, I took part in all three of them but I think that I was the worst among the rest in the whole 11th grade. Don't laugh. I can't simply change the fact that I am lousy in these kind of sports event, can I?

Here are some photos.. :)

Getting ready for the Sprint!

Los Geht~ Go!

How far can you throw a 200g weight?
 Boy, I don't think you will want to know how far I can throw. Further than you can ever imagine - 15m(only). XD How embarrasing.

How I wish I could fly like him.
 Ever since I fell face flat during one of my jumps a few years back, I never could long jump again. Since that incident, I never overcame that fear of falling.

I was equally bad in this event. First try, no score because I simply ran right through. Second try, 2.2m and third try - 2m. Embarrassing right? I know... :/

Envy of those who could Long Jump so well. ><

The younger kids playing around on the field.

Enjoying the nice weather.

A simple prize(Certificate) giving ceremony.
Some parents came to witness the Bundesjungspiel in the end too.
The Weather God was extremely kind that day. The weather was just perfect for our Sports event.

It was surely a great experience participating in their Bundesjungspiel.

In my personal opinion, our sports days that we have my secondary school were much more fun. There were more cheer and excitement. :D You can check out a short blog post I have written on my Sports Day last year, here.

Summer holiday is here! Schoene Ferien, meine Freunde!  It means, have a great holiday, my friends!

I have planned to use this opportunity during my summer holiday to do some travelling around Germany and to Switzerland. But don't worry, I will surely try to update as much as possible for my dearest readers! :P

Oh, i forgot to mention, my sis is leaving soon for Malaysia. I am left all alone. I'm gonna miss her.. :'(

Now, till the next time! :D Tschüss~

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