Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Half Time!

Last weekend, I attended my Halb-Zeit Camp (Half-Time Camp if you translate it word for word) in Bad Malente. Well, this is one of the AFS camps that all AFS exchange students have to attend during their exchange year.

Yes, I am almost half way through with my exchange year. Unbelievable right? Time is flying so extremely fast especially when you're enjoying yourself! 2 more weeks and it will be my 4 month anniversary in Deutschland!

Anyway, for a few others from my Late Orientation Camp and I, this is our HZ Camp which exchange students attend half way through (around 4-5 months) their exchange year . For some others, this was their End of Stay Camp as they will be returning to their home country already in July.

This mixed camp is good in a way that we, the Halb Zeit Camp exchange students had the opportunity to ask those people who already went through most of their exchange year for advices on how to solve problems that we are facing.

However, I thought that it would have been better if we were given more workshops so follow up with our progress in this exchange year of ours. Instead, we got alot of free time to chat with one another. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that it was a bad thing that we had so much free time because I actually got to make new friends from Italy, USA, Brasil, Uruguay, Russland, Japan, Norwegen, Switzerland..

My friends from Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay.
Hanging out in the dicussion room.
Playing games in the open space right outside our Hostel.
Don't let him control you!
 In this activity, we were divided into two groups; the left and the right. Both the groups were given a task, we were told to draw something on the piece of paper together with the person sitting opposite from us without communicating.

It looks easy but there was a catch. Both the groups were told to draw different things! So, you are suppose to draw what you're told to draw and not let your opponent draw what they are suppose to draw. But I don't think many of us understood correctly and we ended up having both pictures that we were suppose to draw on our paper.

The awesome group at my HZ Camp! Spot me! :P
Untangle yourself!
 I don't know what this game is called but it involves untangling yourself. I shall name it Untangle Yourself!

First, you need to stand in a huge circle and then stretch our both your hands. Next, everyone in the circle is suppose to close their eyes and wall towards the middle of the circle and grab any hand they can find(of course not their own). Once everybody have got their hands attached to another, you will find that everyone is tangled together with hands connected together all over the place.

Then, the final step is to UNTANGLE YOURSELF!

Yay! Gelöst (Solved!)
 This game is really fun and satisfying when the whole group actually manage to untangle themselves to form a huge circle again.

I had a great time at my Halb Zeit Camp; I met awesome people from other countries, I got to eat delicious food at the Youth Hostel and I got to stay in a cosy and nice Youth Hostel House.

The camp was really short to get to know all of them but it was really nice to meet them.

I shall continue to stay strong and complete this challenging exchange year of mine. I have to stay strong and shall not give up just yet because I know that I will find that everything I have done will be worth it in the end. :)

To the other exchange students out there, You must stay strong too! Stay strong for yourself! You can do it, you can complete your exchange year!

Till the next time!

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