Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A sea of Old-Timers

One of the Sundays, the four of us went down to Hamburg for an Old Timers gathering event. This event is actually an open event where people who own an Old Timer can bring their Old Timer to this place to show to the public. On this day, many people from all over would drive all the way here from far to see the Old Timers (Just like us who came all the way from Itzehoe. I think it took us 1 hour to reach the place).

Unlike in Malaysia, I would say that owning/collecting Old Timer vehicles is a more popular hobby for people in Germany.

Here in Germany, these Old Timer vehicles are considered antiques and they have different tax charges, different vehicle number plate, different insurance prices and different driving regions compared to other normal new vehicles.
If you look properly, you would be able to notice that these vehicles have H at the end of the number plate indicating that they are Old Timers. Also, since they are normally older than 20, 25 or 30 years, the amount of pollution they produce are often more than the new vehicles, therefore they are given only certain specific regions where they are allowed to drive.

After going for that event, I notice how these Old Timers are quite valued and admired by the people here.

The day didn't start off very nicely as it rained and most of the cars were wet but still, I manage to take some nice pictures to show you guys. :) Enjoy! 

I love the classic dashboard these vehicles have.
Defined by the rust.
Not only did this motorcycle look cute, the rider also look so cute with his tiny helmet and leader jacket.

Reflection of the sky.
These Old Timers are really old vehicles and therefore they are especially hard to maintain and look after because most of their mechanical parts are no longer in production. However, many people here still enjoys collecting them and keeping them looking so good and stylish.

Lollipop Rim.
I don't think you can find new Mercedes Benz cars with tyre like these nowadays right?

Hip Red.

This car looks extremely familiar when I relooked at it. A car like this was in a movie. Quick guess! I'm quite sure everyone will know this movie. Tips: 101 Spots

This motorcycle look so cool too! I wonder how is it like to ride in the passenger seat, it would be so cool if I get to ride in that. I want to put on the helmet with that cute looking goggles!

One of the old Red Cross Ambulance.
Sporty Posche

I thought that the shape of this car have some resembles of a boat.
Perhaps it can actually be transformed into a boat that travels on water.  Who knows? :P
Black FORD.
My three wheel ride.
At one corner, there was a row of BMW Isetta parked and their owners were sitting together next to them enjoying some cakes and coffee while chatting away. I was so lucky that the owner of this Isetta opened up his car for me to have a seat in it. It looks so adorable with the one and only car door that opens from the front instead of the normal left and right.

Don't I look cute in it? Anyone wanna sponsor me an Isetta? ...mummy? daddy? :P

Volkswagen. Das Auto
Now let me clear something up, how VW - Volkswagen is ACTUALLY pronounced. Since I have learnt some German. :P  
GERMAN LESSON 101: Volkswagen; the V is pronounced like a f and the W is pronounced like a v. So it's Volkswagen. And the short form of VW is fauvee. fau for V and vee for W.
Das Auto. Das is the Artikel for neutral objects and because Auto is a neutral object, it is das Auto.

Understand? So, next time you can show people that you know how to pronounce the name correctly!  :)

Another cool car.
I wonder why it's called The Rat.

I look abit awkward here because the water splashes were not caught by the camera. The thing actually splashes out water each time you put pressure on the metal block that I stood. So I stepped up on it and got my pants wet. You can actually see a dark damp spot there on my pants below my knee.

It was indeed a nice day spent with my host family. I got to see many Old Timers and of course drool over them...

After looking at those Old Timers, I have one question, would you pay so much for vehicles like these? 
For me, perhaps I would when I find a filthy rich husband. :P Any candidates out there? :D

Oh, after admiring all those pretty vehicles, I think that I found a new favourite colour; Bright RED!

Stay tuned for more updates!

I have been very busy lately, but I promise I will find more time to write! :)

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  1. In the UK, the Brits called them antiques. What "Old Timers " Yes, they are expensive to up keep. Remember in Shah Alam golf club, there is a yellow colour antique car too.