Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dark Reddish Strawberries.

Strawberry season is here!

Last Sunday, it was a fine weather in the morning and since my sister wanted to eat as much strawberries as she can before she leaves for Malaysia, the three of us (Papa, Alicia and I) went to the Strawberry Farm to pluck our own fresh strawberries.

This is actually something very normal for them here; to pluck and buy their own strawberries straight from the farm. You can simply find information on the Strawberry Farms that allow people to pluck their own strawberries in the newspapers.

The good thing about going to the strawberry farm to pluck your own strawberries is that you can pluck those really dark reddish ones that are fleshy and juicy. Not only that, you can just put them in your mouth while you fill up your basket to take home. My sister and papa went with an empty stomach and returned with a stomach filled with strawberries.

Since I ate breakfast before we went strawberry plucking, I was quite full already but still, I couldn't resist munching on a few strawberries while plucking.

The strawberries farm was fairly large and there were so many others already there to pluck their strawberries when we arrived.

10 KG of Strawberries that we brought home.
We had so much strawberries that day. I made Strawberry Marmelade while Sis made Strawberry Milk Shake and strawberry ice-cream. They all tasted super good.

I sure enjoyed plucking strawberries that day, actually I enjoyed eating them even more. :D

Sis leaves for Malaysia tomorrow and we will be sending her down to Frankfurt Airport! I am so excited for her!

Update more soon! :)

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