Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing my Host Parrots!

Since I arrived in the Baasch family, I have introduced all my family members except my Host Parrots. I have two Host Parrots, they are called Davi and Lora. :D

As the days have become warmer now, we have decided to bring them outside. Two days ago, they have moved into their new cage that papa self built for them outside the house. This is actually the first time ever they both have been outside of the house.

Built by papa and painted by Alicia.
 The new cage was abit strange and foreign for them at first but they seem to be settling quite well in it. :)

Say Hi to Davi!

This fine girl is called Lora.

Lora got fascinated when I took my huge camera out to snap pictures of her.

Davi was still grabbing onto the fence.

Another shot of Davi from outside of the cage.
What I am most afraid of is to be bitten by them. They have such strong beaks. When I first came, I got bitten by them and since them, I have kept my distance. Therefore, although it has been 4 months now,they are still not exactly comfortable with me.

But now that they are in this new cage of theirs, I can go in and interact with them more, perhaps even try to get to know them.

In fact, I am pretty sure that I will have lots of opportunity for that in the coming days.. >D

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