Sunday, July 8, 2012

She visits my homecountry.

Malaysia, welcome my little sister!! Yes, my little sister has already touched down in my home country, Malaysia!

Last Wednesday, we (mama and I) drove all the way down to Frankfurt to send sister off to the airport. We left home around 10.30 in the morning. The journey there was smooth; there wasn't any traffic but still, it took us approximately 6 hours to reach Frankfurt. The worse thing was by the end of the 560km long drive, I could no longer feel my buttocks.

Since she left, I must admit that I do feel a little empty without her company here. No matter what, I have to accept this fact she's away now because it is her turn now to experience an experience of a life time - the life of an exchange student.

I am surely going to miss her dearly. In fact, I miss her already! But, we have both agreed to meet up again in Malaysia once I return. Besides, she's only half an hour away from me! :D
Why do I look like the little one here?

The awesome three in the house. :)
Oh, and guess who I met in the airport?? EMY, the other exchange student from MALAYSIA!!!! I was extremely surprised to meet her! It was really good to meet her.

Emy Sayang. <3
See you in Jan Emy! :) Or if possible before that! Take cares!

To my dearest sister, do enjoy yourself and have the time of your life! We all miss you! Don't forget to miss us too! :D

Thanks also for the lovely puzzle collage present you left me! I love it very much. It was tough to put them together without the guided picture, I took almost 2 hours to finish it. It is done now. :) Thank youuu!  *hugs*

It says, for you from your little sister. <3


  1. Hey there! I'm an AFS returnee from Germany (Green Adcademy) 2012. I volunteered at the arrival camp for the year programme students here and I met Alicia! I recognised her because I have been reading your blog :D

  2. HI Rachel!
    When was the Green Academy program? How was it? If you don't mind sharing, I would love to hear more about what you did during your program!

    Wow! that's so cool! How is she? Is she coping well? :)

  3. It just started this year, 2012! :D I came back in February (: Oh, it was the best time in my life and I enjoyed it so much although it was only for a month! Basically this program is an environmental consciousness kinda thing where we go to this academy (AIM) located in Heilbronn. There we had workshops and field trips to places like the AUDI factory and KACO new energy gmbh. We also had German classes every morning :D

    I did not get the chance to really get to know her but she seems quite quiet and a little shy at first? But I'm pretty sure she's fine ;) It's only her first few days here in Malaysia and I guess it takes time to adjust to the very new environment. I know that she's gonna go to school in SMK Subang Jaya which is pretty near where I am! I also talked to her host family for a bit the other day and they seemed really nice :D

    Hoping to see her soon at one of the camps or something :D :D

  4. That is so cool! Did you guys learn alot?
    You said with a host family too right?
    How's your german then? Did you take german lessons before coming here?
    How many of you in total that went for this Green Academy program? :)

    yeahh, she is abit shy at first. XD Ja. klar. :D That's what i heard from her too. :)

    You live in Subang? :D I live in Klang! Not very far either. Perhaps we could meet up when I return to Msia! :DD

    Yeap! ^^

  5. Ohhh yes we did! Yeap, I did! :D My German is pretty much horrible haha. We learnt the basics when we were there, mostly vocabulary. I will be taking German classes starting this week though! :D At the Goethe Institut. One month was barely enough to learn much and I crave for more! xD Hmm, 13 from Malaysia. All in all, there were 19 of us including those from other countries. Malaysians pretty much dominated the 'population'!

    And do you already speak fluent German? :D It's been around 6 months, right?

    Hmm yes, yes I do :D I go to Taylor's which is in SS15 hehe (: I think that's just opposite SS14, which is where SMK Subang Jaya is xD That's cool! Yeah, I would love meeting up! But in the mean time, enjoy your time there first haha. I miss Germany so much! The food, lecker! Buterbretzel and bratwurst, so good!
    Not forgetting Haribo gummibarchen. The ones on Malaysia just don't taste the same ):

  6. :D haha. How was your host family? :)
    So you guys conversed in English then? Yeah, one month is too short a time. But at least you got some german knowledge. :D
    OH, that's cool! For how long? How much do you have to pay?
    Did you choose this program because you wanna learn German? :D

    I see! The remaining 6 were from different countries or all the same? Haha.

    Oh, fluent, i wouldn't say that I'm fluent. That is for people who already got german background before they came to Germany. I spoke not a single word of german, perhaps some vocabulary but nothing more. Haha. But for 4 months plus, I would say that I'm more into the language compared to earlier.
    I can converse during normal daily conversation in broken german. :D

    I see! Doing pre-u? That's cool! Great! See you in a few months time then! ^^

    Thanks! :D Yes, I'm starting to appreciate the peaceful lifestyle here more and more. So relaxing and stressless lifestyle. :) Yes, I love eating the fresh broetchen too! It is nice for a short period of time but not when they make you grow horizontal. =/
    Haha, Malaysia have different kind of food. :D

  7. Oh my host family is so wonderful! They are so nice and accommodating. My host sister will be visiting me next June and I'm so excited haha (: Well, I tried conversing with a little bit of German words but that's about it. My host mom can't speak really speak English so my host sister had to translate what I said to my host mom! But everything was okay. Sometimes we used sign language!

    3 were from Chile, 1 from New Zealand, 1 from Thailand and 1 from Brazil. But we got to interact with a lot of other German kids as well, so that's good (:

    Well, my course is 6 months for half a level haha. RM 720 for 6 months :D It's quite worth it, really (: Cheaper than most language courses. Well, actually no. I actually applied for Italy but I was offered this program instead. I'm so grateful nonetheless! I'm actually planning to further my studies in Germany now. Yes, that is how much I miss it :3

    Well, I'm sure by the time you come back, you can speak German well already! :D Although the language is so tough haha.

    Yeaah I'm doing A Levels now(which is so hardddd)(: And I'll be seeing Alicia this Saturday at the Klang Chapter potluck. I'll keep you updated on how she's doing ;)

    Yeahh, life there is peaceful and calm, unlike in KL. Jam here, jam there, jam everywhere! Ohh, bread with cheese! Staple food for me when I was there but I loved it :3 I did grow horizontally. You know what they say, AFS also stands for Another Fat Student...

    Mm hmm, every country has different kinds of food I guess and every single one is special in their own ways ;)

  8. I see! how old is your host sister? :D She's visiting you alone? Just a trip to Malaysia?
    Haha! That happened to be earlier too with my host dad. :D

    Oh! There were Germans kids that were together with you guys on this program too?
    But still, the workshops and field trips were conducted in English oder?

    I see, and which level is that? A1, A2, B1, B2..? I am sure it will be worth the money spent. :) You applied for the intensive program you mean? Yeap, better than nothing. :D

    Ahh, but studying in Germany, only masters or PhD is conducted in English right? For degree, they still use German to conduct the classes? What do you plan to study?

    Haha, sure, it is something that I hope to be able to bring back home. :) Yes, it is so very tough. I never imagined it to be this tough. XD

    Did you take the March intake? Is that the 1 quater year course?

    Oh, you will be there too? Then most likely you will be able to meet my parents too! :) Have fun ya'll! Do keep some for me! XD

    Ya, exactly! >< Haha! Who wouldn't! they are so tasty! And not to forget, EIS! I eat an EIS almost once a day. I have never eating this much Eis in my whole entire life.
    I know rightttt, I guess I will be the most successful one being another fat student. :D

    Ya, e

  9. I think I saw your sister yesterday in Sunway Pyramid! I think.. LOLOL. Wonder if it's her.

    1. :D You could be correct. She lives in Subang and have been visiting lots of shopping centers! :D haha. ^^

  10. My host sister is 19 (: She just finished her Abitur. Well, she'll be coming to Malaysia then she's going to Australia with her friend who's working there as an Au Pair :D Do you only have one host sibling?

    Ja, most of the Germans we mingled around with were each other's host siblings. They attended the workshops and field trips with us too :D And we got really close to the German AFS volunteers too. And jaaaa, the workshops and field trips were conducted in English. Although sometimes, they spoke with a very thick German accent and it was quite hard trying to understand them xD

    Level A1.1. It's kinda half a level cause I'm taking the Saturday classes. So yeaaah, one level is gonna be like 1 year -.-
    Mm, yeah, I applied for the intensive one (:

    I'm not very sure about Master's and PhD courses being conducted in English but some degrees are offered in English (: Uhhhh, I'm not very sure yet :l Still weighing my options but I'm pretty sure I want to study there. I know this is the last thing you wanna think about right know, but do you have any plans after you come back?

    Nope! I'm in the January intake. I came back in February so I kinda missed one month of college... I started classes the day right after I came back. It was.... crazy. Had so much to catch up with :l

    Yup, I will! :D Oh coooool! Who knows, I might just bump into your parents xD Yup don't worry. We will save some food and Pos Laju it to Germany for you :P

    Hmm, some of my friends had trouble eating cold meals all the time. But they got used to it hahha. Germans aren't like us who eat nasi lemak and mee goreng for breakfast xD Was ist EIS? D:

    Oh btw, do you still remember to speak Malay? I was a little rusty when I came back and it was only a month!

    1. That's so cool! Yeah, only one. Alicia is anak tunggal. >< Now feeling abit lonely without her. XD And you? how many host siblings did you have?

      Oh! they joined you guys too. That's nice. You mean the AFS volunteers were with you guys most of the time during your stay? Haha, I understand how you guys felt, I went through the same thing. :D It took me quite sometime before i could understand them too. :D

      I see. Viel Spass dann! (have fun then!) :) I look forward to speak with you in German when we meet up! :D

      Yeah, they do have some degrees offered in English, but not many i think. That's good. :D Have you decided what you want to study already after A Levels? Actually, I am also doing my research on college already now. Perhaps A levels or IBDP.. but still looking for more informations on different courses. There's so so so many choices to choose from, I'm pretty much lost myself. ><

      Wow! Must have been a struggle! But I'm sure everything is good now? :) How long is your a Levels course?

      I saw the photo you took with me mom! did you guys have fun at the party? :DD haha! Bitte schoen! (Please do!)

      Yes, I had too get used to it too. >< Kinda bored of eating cold meals already. I know right. Eis is Ice-cream! :D

      Ohhhhh~ My malay is completely rusted. XD Some people I met here asked me to say something in Malay but I ended up saying a malay sentence with some german words in between. It's so funny. And I have to think for some time before saying something in Malay.
      Es ist so lustig. XD (It's so funny.)

  11. Ohh yeahh I asked her and she said she is the only child. And she has opened up a bit now! She's doing a lot of the talking instead of me xD And I can't believe she's only fifteen O.O Oh, and she loves spicy food D: Her host sister says she eats a lot xD I had 3 host siblings but the 2 of them are already quite old and are almost never at home. Here, I'm the only child though hmm.
    Oh and I met your parents! (you already know that by now...) Please tell them it was a pleasure meeting them! I didn't get a chance to say bye haha.

    Yeaah, they were with us most of the time when we were there (:

    I have not exactly thought about that :l Still pretty unclear of what I wanna do. You mom told me you are planning to do IB in UWC but because you will be 19 when you come back, you can't right? ): Take ALevels in Taylor's! :D :D Yeah, I was pretty lost too but I thought A Levels was the way to go I guess (: Planning to go to UK after pre-u? Or you can just study in Germany after this ;)

    Yes everything is good now but A Levels is so tough, I think everyone is struggling :l My course is 1.5 years. One more year to go...

    Ohh yes we had fun! Some of the students had to perform( sing or dance or something). The students from Germany and returnees had to do the 'funky chicken' xD It was pretty funny. Do you know that game? There was soooooo much food!

    OHHHHHH ice creaaaam omg -.- Did you cook any Malaysian dishes for your host family?

    LOLOLOL! I bet even your English is a little influenced by German? Or do you already speak English with a German accent? xD

  12. That's really good to hear! :D yeap, she needs to warm up abit one. :D I know right!
    That's surprising! I guess the curry that I cooked for them gave her some practice. :D Oh, i see! But you got to meet them too? Ah, like alicia. :)

    Yeap. Will do! I'm sure they were really glad to meet you too!. :D

    That's nice. :D

    Hehe, dont' worry, I'm in the same position as you are. XD Yeahh, that's really unfortunate. I would definitely have gone for that if I could. haha~ Pratically everyone I know is in TAYLORS! XD Earlier, I thought perhaps UK would be my choice, but now that I can't take IBDP, Im not quite sure if UK is where I will end up because I don't think that A Levels suits me well.
    Germany is nice, I love the carefree life here. Perhaps I will come back IF I were to pursue my Masters or PhD. :D

    >< Is yours the crash course then? I know that my brother said that crash courses are really tough. :(

    Hehe! That's cool! Returnees from Germany? From Green Academy program or YP? Errrr, I'm not quite sure, maybe not. XD
    Ohh~ I miss malaysian food! ><

    Yeap, curry with noodles. I will try to cook more asian food when I can find the ingredients to cook. :D

    haha, English maybe a little. Surprisingly, I still can switch to Malaysian accent when I talk with my parents. :D hehe. ^^

  13. If your host mom is worried about her, she has nothing to worry about. The host family she's with are pretty nice people. She's in good hands ;) Yeah, I got to meet them and sometimes we ate together. But mostly I spent time with my host sis (:

    There are other places where you can take IB, you know (: Like Taylor's (Hartamas campus), Cempaka International Ladies College (which is SUPER expensive), Sri KDU (which I heard is not bad) and Fairview :D Maybe you can consider if you still wanna take IB! I've never heard of UWC before, mind sharing some info? (:
    Oh and some unis in UK also accept SAM or AUSMAT :D

    Hmm, I don't think it's the crash course O.O Originally A Levels was a two year program, but some smart idiot decided to shorten in to 1.5 years and that's what most institutes are offering now :l Sooo, yeah, in a way it is a crash course xD
    But I guess mine isn't that bad. Imagine those who needs to complete it in 1 and a quarter year. CAN DIE.

    Yeah returnees from Germany (: Some returnees from other countries joined in as well (: Uh, both Green Academy and YP :D A lot of returnees from all over the world were there so those who knew the game just joined in xD

    A couple more months and you eat all the Malaysian food you want ;)

    Mm, it's really tough looking for Asian ingredients in Germany :l Well, it was tough where I was anyway. Maybe in the big towns, it would be easier. I couldn't cook so many things because there were no ingredients -.-

    Yeah! It's amazing how people can switch their accents when speaking to diff people. Happens to me too! xD

  14. Haha, I'm quite sure she is in good hands. :) She's a really lucky girl!
    I see! That's nice. :D

    But IB course itself is already SO SO SO EXP! haha. XD Unless i can get a scholarship, if not IB is also too expensive for me to go for. I will try to apply for scholarship. :) Thanks! UWC is United World College an organization which have colleges all around the world and they offer the IB course. They students are from all over the world. It is really a very interesting college to attend. I would have surely fought for that if I weren't too old. ><

    Yikes! haha. Yes, I can do nothing but only respect those students! haha. I think my brother did the crash course and really had to struggled through. =/

    I see! that's so nice! Sounds like many people went for the party! I hope there will still be more afs parties when i return to Malaysia! I don't want to be the one that is missing out all the fun! XD hehe.

    Oh! I just can't wait for that! I see my sister enjoying all the malaysian food. Making me jealous only. :D

    Yeahh, it is tough to find Asian market in small towns. The nearest big city from where i am is Hamburg and I found one already! :D

    I KNOW I KNOW! I used to wonder how my dad can actually turn on his British accent just like that when he receives a call from England. Now I understand how one can do that so naturally! hehe! So amazing right? :D

  15. Yeah, a lot of pre-u courses are super expensive :l Unless Form 6 which is free but... uh. Yeah xD Hey, all the best ;) Fairview and Sri KDU often offers scholarships for IB :D That's just so sad, this age limit thing :l Or since you already know German, maybe you can take IB in Germany or something? I think they call it the studienkolleg? It's free, I heard. But cost of living is another problem.... :l

    Oh, what is your bro doing now? :D

    Well yeah quite a number of people! I'm ure there will be ;) When you get back, the next batch of students from all over will be arriving! :D I'm sure there's gonna be some arrival camp or party for them! Oh, are you planning on volunteering for AFS after returning? I feel like I'm asking so many questions haha :l Sorry!

    Ahh, you've been to Hamburg! D: I wanna visit Hamburg too ): Is it beautiful?

  16. HI Rachel! Sorry for the very late reply!

    I was away for the week!

    yeahh~ They have turn education into such a money earning business. =/ Thanks! I hope I can really get a scholarship, that would surely lighten my parents burden.

    The whole education system in Germany is quite different. Pre-u courses are often not well known here since the students can sit for the Abitur(Pre-u equivalent) in the normal Gymnasium itself.

    yeah, I think I found that too, but I think that is like SAT Test a prerequisite test to enter Uni here for International students.

    yeap, it's not cheap for us. The exchange rate. =/ But we must be thankful we are not living in Switzerland. >< I think I will return to malaysia a Bonny me if I were to study there. EVERYTHING IS SO TEUER(expensive)!

    Ja ja! we will be arriving around the same time, early jan. :D
    If time permits I would be more than glad to help out! AFS Malaysia needs more VOLUNTEERS! We so need to establish ourselves! :D

    I have been to Hamburg! :) Come back again to Visit! :D Yeap! I like Frankfurt too!