Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waffel und Parfait

It's Summer season! It should be warm and sunny outside as the sun shines brightly but very unfortunately we are not getting very nice weather up here in North Germany.
The days have always been mixed with warm sunshine, some periodic rain and sometimes even strong chilly wind.

But like the Germans always say, Es ist egal. It means, it's the same. Cold or hot, rain or shine, it's time for some ice-cream!

Today, mama and I decided to make Waffles and Cherry Parfait.

First and foremost, I would like to explain what is Parfait. The word 'Parfait' might be foreign for some of you, 'Parfait' is actually a french word that means Perfect. Parfait is a type of dessert and they are made differently in different countries.

So, here's how to make Kirsch-Schoko-Parfait Cherry-Chocolate-Parfait. (Portion for 4)

400g Cherry Kirschen1 VanillaPod Vanilleschote400ml Milk Milch
5 Egg Yoke Eigelb
100g Sugar Zucker
100g White Chocolate Weisse Schokolade
250g Cream Sahne
150g Mascarpone
50g Macadamia

1. Kirschen waschen, abtropfen lassen und entsteinen. Vanilleschote laengs aufritzen und das Mark herausschaben. Milch mit Vanillemark, Vanille schote in einem Topf einmal aufkochen, dann durch ein Sieb giessen. Eigelbe mit Zucker, Kirschwasser uber dem heissen Wasserbad cremig ruhren. Vanillemilch langsam zugiessen und die Masse cremig ruhren - nicht kochen lassen!
1. Wash the cherries clean and remove the seeds. Cut open the VanillaPod and scratch out the marrow. Boil the milk with the Vanilla marrow and the VanillaPod to give the milk a sweet vanilla aroma. Then, sieve the boiled milk. In another bowl, separate the egg yoke from the egg white. Add in the sugar to the separated egg yoke and continuously stir it over a warm water bath. Slowly add in the Vanilla milk and continue to stir until it turns creamy (still over the warm bath). However, do not keep the hot water boiling, turn off the fire once the hot water is cooked.

Sieved Vanilla Milk.
Note that the black precipitate in the milk is the Vanilla Marrow.
Whisked egg yoke and sugar.
Boiling the water to make a hot Water bath

Add in the Vanilla Milk and keep stirring till it turns creamy.
(Note that the colour of the mixture will turn lighter yellow.)

2. Schokolade hacken, uber dem heissen Wasserbad schmelzen und unter die Creme ziehen. Kalt schlagen. Sahne steif schlagen. Erst Mascarpone, dann die  Sahne unter die Creme ziehen. Kirschen,  Macadamia unterheben. Parfaitmasse in eine mit Frischhaltefolie ausgekleidete Kastenform  und ca. 4 Stunde frosten.

2. Add in the crushed chocolate to the creamy mixture and let the chocolate melt. Continue to beat the creamy mixture but not over the hot waterbath. Beat the Cream (Sahne) till it is really stiff. Next, add in the Mascarpone and then the the stiffly beated Cream. The cherries and macadamia can also be added into the mixture. The Parfait mixture is now ready to be frozen. Pour the Parfait mixture into a Form over a transparent folie and leave it in the freezer for 4 hours. 

150g Mascarpone.
(oh, so much fat. ><)

The creamy mixture with the White chocolate, Macadamia, Mascarpone and Cinnamon powder (Optional) added.

Beat the Cream

Fill the Parfait mixture in the Baking Form
Place them in the freezer to freeze.

 Now for the Waffle (Portion for 2), you need:
 2 Egg Eier
1 TableSpoon Suger 1 EL Zucker
4 TableSpoon Cream 4 EL Sahne
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon Powder Msp. Zimtpulver
Half a Lemon juice
1 pinch of salt Salz
2 TableSpoon Whole wheat Flour 2 EL Weizenvollkornmehl
1 TableSpoon Melted butter 1 EL fluessige Butter

1. Eier trennen. Eiweiss mit Zucker steif schlagen. Eigelbe mit Sahne, Zimt, einigen Tropfen Zitronensaft sowie 1 PriseSalz verruhren. Mehl sowie Eischnee unterziehen und zum Schluss die Butter unterruhren. 
1. Separate the egg yokes and the egg white. Beat the egg white with the sugar till it is really stiff. In another bowl, add in the egg yokes, cream, Cinnamon powder, lemon juice, 1 pinch of salt, and whole wheat flour and stir it well with the beater. Finally, stir in the beated egg white and butter.

The next step is making the waffel on the waffel-making machine! :D

As easy as that!

The egg yokes.

The egg white and sugar.
Beat the egg white and sugar until it is stiff(fest).
Until it is snow white and it won't pour out even if you turn the bowl upside down.
Add the Cream to the egg yoke and lemon juice.
Add in the Cinnamon powder, flour and a pinch of salt.
Stir in the beated egg white and butter to the mixture

Do try out and tell me if it tastes good(Schmeck!) ! Feel free to drop me a photo of your version of Kirsche Parfait & Waffel too!

Here's mine! (: 

I know that it is still too early to use a Christmas form. We just grabbed any small form we found.
My Waffel and Kirsche Parfait.

Mine was tasty(lekar)! And yours? :)

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