Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Footprints in Switzerland!

We finally step foot in Switzerland! :)
In Luzern by the river and the famous wooden bridge in the background.
Last summer holidays, we(the 5 of us  from Germany) went down to Switzerland to meet up with the Switzerland group. Oh, it was surely a great feeling being able to see them again finally after so many months!

It was extremely nice of the Switzerland group to take us around to the big cities like Basel, Zurich, Bern and Luzern. :D The view in Switzerland is simply mesmerizing; rivers with crystal clear blue-green water, mountain terrains that goes on endlessly in the far distance, train stations with almost similar characteristics, drinking-water fountains with unique craft works and architectures with such fine designs.

One must be sure to make a trip to Switzerland once in their lifetime to really enjoy the beautiful scenery. If the heat in Summer is too much for you, probably you can go in Winter or Spring. I would say that the view of snow caps on the mountains will surely be a worth every penny.

Besides that, do not miss the opportunity to go on the train through the hilly mountains like the Jungfrau! These trains are not like the regular trains, they are built by private companies for tourist to enjoy the scenery. Thus, I must give you a heads up, they are quite costly. I personally didn't get the chance to make the trip on one of these trains because of the short of time and money. Nevertheless, I have heard from people that it is totally worth seeing. And if you are a person who loves beautiful scenery, needless to say, you will surely going to enjoy the ride.

The week when we were in Switzerland, the weather was extremely great; no gloomy rain, only real summer sunshine! Sad to say, but it was rather ONLY for that week that I got to actually enjoy such good weather in my whole summer holiday. Other days, there was either heavy rain or dark clouds, one or two days of good weather in between, and that is it! WHAT a summer right? ><

It was an amazing trip with the rest of the bunch! I had lots of fun with them!

Good things always comes to an end, it was quite sad to depart with them but we will see each other again soon! So, take care you guys! :)

Bald sehen wir uns wieder!!

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