Saturday, August 4, 2012

The power of a smile.

Each day deserves to be lead with a smile. :)

Today, just when I am all dressed up and ready to go out, it starts pouring so heavily outside. I was planning to cycle out to town to do some stuff but in the end I had to cancel my plans all because of the lousy weather. What a summer~ 

Anyway, whether is it a rainy day or a sunny day, it is still a new day worth smiling for. :)

Lucky enough, I didn't get dress up for nothing--I went to the library with papa to return my books and got two new ones to read. Just if you're wondering what books I'm reading, I'm reading german story books! :D

 I joined the LeseClub2012 ReadingClub2012 organised by our town library. It is an activity that runs throughout the summer holidays where participants can read these selected books and answer a few questions as proof-reading.

I have already read 4 books! Not too bad right? :P This also means that I am already at the Silver level! 3 more books and I will be able to reach Gold level.

Let's see if I manage that before the deadline next Tuesday. :D Otherwise, silver is surely quite an achievement for a beginner like me.


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