Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Agriculture Fair SH 2012

Last Sunday, there was a huge Landwirtschaft Messe Agriculture Fair up north of Schleswig Holstein in Rensburg. At first, Papa and I planned to go for bicycle tour with the lying bicycle since the weather was quite fine, but instead we decided to go for this once a year fair to show this suaku Malaysian girl (according to Wikipedia sua ku 山龟 in Hokkien, one of the dialects means, someone who has not been exposed to the society and is not well-informed about many things) high-tech tractors and farming machines.

There were so many people at the fair. Many visitors there I think were involved in agriculture themselves but there were also many who went there just to see and have a nice day out with the family, which I think is a totally nice way to spend the weekend. :)

Honestly, with just the photos I took is enough to tell my story on the fair. Unfortunately, I don't think that I am able to upload all my photos on my blog, so I only selected few of them to put up. With these, I am guessing, should be enough to show how interesting the fair was. :D

Let's start with the photos! :)
Water-drinking bowls for the animals.
Whoever that invented these bowls is a genius! You see that black tubes there? Now, give its function a quick guess...

Well, the tube actually allow water to flow into the bowl. It is like water level detector; when the water level is too low, it allows the water to automatically flow into the bowl and fill it up again. Also, when the animal presses against the black tube while drinking, the water will flow into the bowl from the tube.

Check out this sexy red mini-monster!
This machine is used during milking.
This Orangy is a little bit bigger than Red-Hot-Chilli-Pepper in the second picture.
You know what, looking at these tractors remind me of the cartoon show I used to watch when I was younger. Who knows BOB THE BUILDER, the cartoon show?  

Bob the Builder, can we fix it, Bob the Builder, yes we can! ~

Credits to
Don't they look alike? Oh, it sure bring back my childhood memories. :D

How I wish I could have this Blackie here, but unfortunately it is more for an adults toy. Besides, I can't afford it anyway. I may not be able to afford to buy it but I won't mind just being able to ride in it.

So, if anyone owns one like this, could you please be kind enough to take me on a ride?  :D I will be totally glad!

Next up, the cute Electra Bumble-bee!

This little BumbleBee is no orginary Bumble-bee, it runs on ELECTRICITY! Personally, I think that it looks so much better and cooler than the Smart electric car.

From the number of different electric cars displayed at the fair,I must say that electric cars are much more popular here in Germany compared to Malaysia.

Electric cars may not be so good for speed and long distance but it is simply just perfect for town driving! Not only it looks so cute, it is also extremely eco friendly!

So, choose this type of cars as alternative, people! :D We work together to reduce air pollution!

Kids station
It was very smart of them to have these kind of stations for children so at least the children also can have some fun and not just walking around seeing tractors that is not at all attractive but enormous and monstrous looking to them. 

Which type are you?
There was also a Pumpkin stand selling pumpkins that come in all types, shapes and sizes. Amazingly, I discovered one that is called Spaghetti Pumpkin.

Getting on one myself. :D
The tractors are not only for display, people can also go on them and take a sit. I of course gave it a go too! It was really cool and cooler it would be if I were to actually drive one. :D 

My hostparents.

This is the other tractor for plantation on bigger land area. It is used to loosen the soil. Scary monsters aren't they?

Rattan Stand
As you can see, rattan weaving can also be found here in Germany!

The Alpacas.
Alpaca is a species of South American camelid. Honestly, this is my first time seeing in animal. In fact, I find them so cute in their small size and their fur. :D

Just for your knowledge, the Alpacas have the world most expensive fur. Therefore, they are very worthy.

Enjoying watching the Alpacas!
Promoting his super-duper multifunction machine - Oskar.
He sure manage to convince many people into buying this machine called Oskar despite of its high price. It may be quite expensive but from what I saw it can do, I guess it is worth the penny spent. Its small size and multifunction is so practical that is just perfect for your kitchen.

There was also a pony competition. People love their horses here. :D

I hope I can try out horse riding before I return to Malaysia. >< However, the weather is getting colder each day. Therefore, I don't know if I still have the chance to ride.

Enjoying some food.

Look, I am a truck driver!

Here's another photo of the kids corner! Already training the kids to become a tractor driver, eh? :D

And this farm-like corner with animals like hen, ducks, rabbits and birds in there.

Hey yo! Watcha lookin' at?
Ahhh~ coldddd.
Haha, both the ducks were actually sharing the water to drink until one of them suddenly just got bored and decided to have a dip in the water and hog the whole tub.

Display of eggs of different kind of birds. :D
 Coming up next, I am cute sure you will fall in love with rabbits immediately.


Told you so! Cute right??? :DDD

I want to have a rabbit like this one! It looks so cute with its ears hanging down like that!

Horses transporter.
This is a horse transporter for those who have not seen them before. I believe you don't see so many of them in Malaysia but here in Germany, you will see them on the road here and then. 
Crepes stall!
It was a really day out with papa & mama. I was quite tired after all those walking around the fair but it sure was eye opening day for me.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! :D

In one days time, I shall be off on my Study tour in Osnabruck! I will be living with another host family for 2 weeks and I am totally excited about it!
My host dad has a garage with music instruments as he is a musician and my host sister does KUNGFU! How cool is that!??!

Don't worry, I will try to update you guys as often as I can! :D

Till then!

p/s: The names of the tractors are not their actual names, I just decided to came up with cute names for them. :P


  1. You got to ride a engine-powered tractor! I is jealous :( LOL

  2. Hey youuu! :D
    Haha! I didn't exactly get to ride it, just sit in it.

    Talking about tractors, you know what, I still have a picture of you on that old tractors during BRATs kota bharu! :D

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