Sunday, September 2, 2012

What a cool German Wedding!

A wedding day is a ceremony to celebrate the union of two person who have decided to spend their whole lives with each other. Relatives and friends of the couple are usually invited to witness this very special and meaningful event of the future couple.

 Today, I witnessed the wedding celebration of a happy & loving couple in a church in one of the neighbouring villages where they exchanged their wedding vows.

The wedding couple walking towards the church.
A simple yet meaningful celebration.
This is not my first time attending a Christian wedding but it is my first time ever attending one that is so relaxing and natural. In German, we say that the wedding celebration was so locker. It can be translated but it would mean that the celebration was so loose

I thought that the Pastor was a bit of the bubbly type and she made the guest and also wedding couple laugh when she took the little ring cushion to the wedding couple without the rings on it. People laughed but it was okay...

I mean, it's okay  because we are only human, we make mistakes.

What I am trying to say is that, this wedding didn't feel like at all a typical wedding where everything has to be so grand and perfect. Despite it being so simple and relaxing, it was still a meaningful celebration for the wedding couple to remember.

That made me think, I don't quite need a fanciful wedding to show that I am getting married. Like the Chinese weddings we have back home; a full day schedule from morning till late night. How hectic and tiring is that?

I would prefer a to have a nice, simple, fun and enjoyable wedding to remember. :)

How do you imagine your wedding to be like? :D

Friends with their huge bikes waiting for the wedding couple outside the church.
The friends from the Riders Club that the groom joined all came with their huge and canggih (sophisticated in Malay) motorcycles. They were very late but oh, they sure made their presence very known! Their engines were so loud that the whole world could hear them as they arrived at the church! You know the Vrommm Vrooommm VROOOOOOMMMMMMM engine sound? haha!

Obstacles set by friends for the couple.
Just like the typical Chinese weddings where the Ji Mui (Bridesmaids) organize 'nasty' games for the Groom and his Hengdai (Bestmen) as they come to pick up the Bride from her house, they also have games ready set for the groom.

One of the games that was played today was, the Groom had to show how tough he was. He had to saw that huge tree trunk, not for top down but from buttom up. It was quite difficult actually, and in end, the beautiful bride came to give her husband a helping hand.
Yay! He made it!
Taddaaa~ He made it through the task! =D

Oh, FIY, that man there in picture is not the groom. The groom was standing aside already. I just wanted to show a picture of the sawed tree trunk. :)

The Rider friends in their cool jackets on their rowdy motorcycle.
A whole group of them waiting on the street before the church.
They practically blocked the whole street! XD

What a cool wedding ceremony, right? :D  It was nice to get to experience a German wedding ceremony. But of course, a wedding ceremony is such a personal thing.There are so many different types of wedding ceremony one can choose to have according to their liking. So, please don't misunderstand that this is a typical German wedding ceremony, ok? :)

Now, before I end my post,
HERZLICHEN GLĂśCKWUNSCH! Congratulations to the wedding couple and wishing the both of them all the happiness in the world!


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