Saturday, October 6, 2012

Got a Praktikum place!

After the cold Winter, cheerful Spring and bright Summer, Autumn has finally arrived. My Autumn break has already since last Saturday. Honestly, I didn't have much plans for this holiday.

I thought that it would be the best chance for me to maybe do a learn on job, or what they call it, Praktikum for a few days during this holiday.

This Praktikum is something that the school kids will experience during their school years. It is different depending on school but for my school, for the students in 9th and the 12th Class, there are two weeks in the beginning of the year where they will do their Praktikum anywhere they managed to find a place in. Most of the time, students have to apply to work in anywhere they want, very early ahead to be able to get a Praktikum place.

At this point of time, it is quite hard for me to be able to experience doing a proper Praktikum for it is not only very late late for me to apply for a place, I also need to attend school.

However, I got to know that in some places like the Kindergarten, anyone can just drop by and ask if you can lend a helping hand. It will be quite like a 'Praktikum' too, I thought. That, for me was the perfect solution for my fuss trying to find a way I can experience doing a Praktikum just like the students here.

Therefore, I decided to drop by the Dorf Kindergarten around 10 minutes down the road from my house and ask if they would perhaps need a helping hand with the kids. Luckily enough, I was allowed to stay and take care of the kids! SUCCESS, I GOT A PRAKTIKUM PLACE!

I am allowed to spend a few days at the Kindergarten with the children! :D

I am thinking that this will definitely be a nice way to spend part of my Autumn Break. :)

Today was my first day at the Kindergarten. I tried to just blend in and play with the children. They were so cute and friendly!! My first day was awesome but I think that there will certainly be more excitement in the coming days.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures for now but I will try to get some. You have to know it's not easy to get pictures of the children for the people here are very sensitive with you taking pictures of their child. Will have to see if I am allowed to get some quick shots. :)

The children were really lovely kids. Guess what, I even got a little drawing from a little girl called Jannike that she drew on her own. How sweet of her, right? :)

By Jannike.

I shall write more about the Kindergarten later on. But you won't be able to believe how different the Kindergarten here is compare to the one I attended back home when I was a little kid. How cool if I got to  attending Kindergarten here!

Now, I got an early morning tomorrow! Therefore, I better get into bed now. Ciao~ 

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