Friday, October 12, 2012

I am a Kid!

I completed my Learning on Job at the Dorf Kindergarten which is located near my house. It was only a short period of time, only five days but it sure was a fun and memorable time spent with the children.

At the kindergarten, I learned that children should be allowed to be children; be themselves and most importantly, let their curiosity take them around to discover this amazing world that they live in.

During the time that I was there, I spend a lot of time playing with the children indoor and also outdoor.

Here, they believe that the best way for the children to learn is through playing and doing activities.

Therefore, they don't conduct scheduled lessons to teach the children German, Mathematics, Music or anything like these subjects but simply just fun games kind of activities that the children can learn through participating. We did lots activities with the children, mainly, singing, drawing, doing handcrafts works, cooking and sports.

For the children here, they only start their proper classroom lessons when they attend Grundschule which is equivalent to primary school. 

Kindergarten classes normally end by noon unless the children have what they call Spätdienst here, where the children stay back for another two hours until 2pm. And before classes end, the children are allowed to go out of the room and play if the weather is fine.

There are 13 children in this Kindergarten (ages from two and a half to six) and the children play around with each other most of the time. Only during certain activities will the children be divided into groups according to their age groups so that the teachers can handle and work with the children more effectively.

The children here really taught me how to be a kid and how a kid should be allowed to play and enjoy his childhood :)

The children doing handcraft together.
Playing the game 'Freeze'.
" Can you please swing us, Roxanne."
Ich will auch eine Brücke, bitte!  I want a bridge too, please!
Woahhh~ Ich fühle mich schwindlig.. Woahh~  I'm feeling dizzy.
Schlusskreis! End of school circle.
Autos, autos! Cars!

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