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September Fun!

I am back, I'm BACK! Missed me? Ah, for sure. :P haha, being totally thick skinned here.

It is almost a month since I last written a blog post but I have a good excuse for my disappearance. The reason why I went MIA is because, I was in Osnabrück on my two weeks Study Tour having lots of fun with a bunch of new friends and new family! :D It was really a great opportunity to experience something totally new all over again.

If I was given the tiniest chance to rewind time, I would like to relive my life when I was in Osnabrück again. But unfortunately it is quite impossible. I only can remind myself of the wonderful time spent there by retelling my story. :)

Now, okay, I know you guys are getting excited already. Lets get started with my story!

Ladies and gentlemen, Roxanne presenting..... my wonderful time spent in Osnabrück in the month of September 2012! :DD


 During the first four days of my Study Tour, 30 of us, exchange students from all different parts of Germany were gathered in Vlotho where we had our AFS Study Tour camp. The theme for our Study Tour was Europe and therefore, the topic of the seminars we attended were mainly on Europe and the European Union.

Due to the short period of time, we were not able to learn everything about Europe but we sure did at least learn some interesting things about Europe and the EU. Besides just learning about Europe, we got to learn and get to know each other.

After the four days camp, we were all packed once again and ready to move off to the next part of our Study Tour; meeting our new two-weeks Host families! Every one of us were placed in a Host family for the two weeks we were there that lived either in Osnabrück or the other neighboring villages.

As I was on the train heading from Vlotho to the main train station in Osnabrück with the others to meet our host families for the very first time, I had the exact same feeling that I felt on the first day I arrived in Germany when I met met my first host family! I actually felt nervous meeting them! Because apart from the few emails I got to exchange with them before leaving Itzehoe, I must say that I had totally no idea who they were or how they looked like. Were they going to like me and accept me into the family?  

But the thing is, this nervousness that I had slowly disappeared after I exchanged hugs with my host mom and host sister who were waiting at the train station for me. Those warm hugs were the best comfort and it seemed to be an assertion that we were going to have a great time together during that two weeks.

When I arrived at my new home, I met my other family members, my elder sister and my host dad. We chatted and got to know more about each other over the yummy dinner my host mom prepared. :D

During the week, I attended school at the same school as my sister, Gesamt Schule Schinkel. It is a very different type of school that I used to attend in Itzehoe but I mean, this school is different in a good way.

My first impression on the school was, WOAH, this school is seriosuly super duper cool! Not only that the students consisted of many different nationalities like Turkish, Asian, Russian, Kazakh and German, they also had lots of really cool facilities including games rooms, huge canteen, laboratories and many more for the students to utilize. On top of that, this special Gesamt Schule Schinkel is actually a UNESCO School Project!

I would love to have the opportunity to study in this kind of school where everyone with different background get to mix and understand about each others' differences.

On the first Saturday, the whole group of exchange students went down to Amsterdam for a day trip to visit the Anne Frank's Museum. It is actually the house that she used to live in when she was in hide with her family in Amsterdam, which is now preserved and turned into the Anne Frank's Museum for the public to visit. 

Anne Frank, this poor little girl lived a really hard life since she was young; she and her family was always on the run and had to hide so that they wouldn't get caught like the many other Jews. Despite all the effort of fleeing and hiding for such a long time, they were discovered and captured by the German polices. She and her sister, Margot were transported to the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp and the both of them died there because of Thyphus in March 1945.

It is really sad to see how much suffering this innocent little girl had to go through just because she was a Jew. :(

After visiting the Museum, we were given free time to discover Amsterdam on our own. We went to this tourist spot in Amsterdam where the word 'Iamsterdam' was spellt and huge letter structures.

I. A.M.S.T.E.R.D.A.M.

This is us standing in front of one of the Alphabets from IAmsterdam in Amsterdam.

Sister,  Marlene and I. :)
 We didn't have the time to see everything that Amsterdam had to offer but we sure did walked quite a lot around Amsterdam.  All of us were exhausted by the end of the day especially my sister and I since we only got 3 hours of rest the night before.

On one of the weekdays, we also visited the Industry Museum in Piesberg which was previously a coal factory.

It was interesting that we got to see how people in those days used Steam machines to replace man power. What a smart invention!

Discovering gold deep down below.
Lucky us, we also got the chance to take a trip down to the center of the earth to see the valuables. XD It was seriously cold down there. I am just wondering how in the world did those men work under such humid and cold temperature for hours last time. I have only one word to describe them, Amazing.

(: the group.
Next up is the coolest HIGHLIGHT of my whole Study tour.


KUNGFU classes!
I got to attend Kungfu classes with my sister at the BlackBelt Kungfu Academy in Osnabrueck.

It was my first time ever doing Kungfu but, despite the toughness, I find it totally impressive and useful. My sister find Kungfu very interesting too, that is why out of so many other sports that she could have chosen, she chose to learn Kungfu instead. :D

FYI, I have written an article on Kungfu and it will be coming out in the papers soon so I shan't explain so much here. For those in Malaysia, do keep a look out for my next article in theStar R.AGE on Friday! :)

What watch out, the next time you ever think about bullying me. I advice that you should perhaps think again twice before taking any reckless actions. :P Don't play play ah~ I know Kungfu!!! Hayyyyy yahh~

My SIFU Wolfgang.
Next up, I would like to introduce the coolest person I met when I was in Osnabrueck. I met many cool and amazing new friends when I was there but the coolest and most amazing one I found is this girl her, she is not only my friend, she is also my sister from different parents.

We are so ready to rock the dance floor!
This picture was taken before we left home for Arlando, a disco club in town for a party. :D It was also my first time ever going to a club in Germany. Totally cool!

Before I end, here's a photo of us at the small farewell party AFS organized for us before we all depart Osnabrueck for our homes. There are actually more of us, some of them went off earlier that's why we didn't get the chance to take a complete photo all together.

You guys are amazing, you know that?
I am really glad and lucky to have met every one of you. I had lots of fun with you guys, I hope you guys felt the same too! Seriously, I miss you guys already! Do keep in touch and hope we meet again soon in the future! :)

All of us, once strangers,
are now bonded together closer than we can ever imagine.

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