Saturday, November 3, 2012

When the Autumn leaves fall...

 ... they leave prints on the path that we walk,

give new shades to the dull ground, 

& accustom us to the cold gloomy weather that awaits.

Since I arrived in Germany end of February this year, I have experienced all kinds of weather mood swings. Although there were days when the weather wasn't not very comfortable, there were also days that were just so fine to not appreciate and enjoy.

So far, I have shivered to generate heat to keep me warm through the cold end-of-winter weather, watched the  flowers stuck out their little heads out of the ground to witness the cheerful Spring and even gotten a few extra freckles from the temporal sunshine during the rainy Summer. And now, I am totally feeling the chilly but yet in some way beautiful, Autumn. 

The Autumn season is just as lovely as the Spring and Summer that I recently experienced.

As Autumn came, the once so lively-looking green leaves gradually turned orangy-yellow and one by one, they let go of the branch they have always held so tightly. They leave the trees looking bare but on the other hand, they bring a new shade of colour to our surroundings.

You can't imagine how much I wish that you guys could be here too to enjoy this stunning scenery with me now... But I took some photos to show you guys and hope they give you a picture of how Autumn looks like.

Autumn has brought along many wet and gloomy days. Often even, cold chilly wind that can be really uncomfortable. But I guess, it is just its way of preparing us for the rough NorthGermany Winter. :D

Not only that, the days are getting shorter each day. The clock on my bedside table may show 4 in the evening but darkness outside my window confuses me every single time. I still can't get used to this short daylight phenomenon. Sometimes, I feel like calling it a day and crawl into bed at 7 already only because it feels like 10 or 11 in the night.

I think that it is one very beautiful thing to be able to experience all the four seasons in a year. This year is the first time ever for me but I definitely hope that it won't be my last. Although the temperature has been low most of the time, I kind of enjoy dressing myself up in layers of warm clothes and feeling excited about the season change.

There is one valuable lesson I learned about the four seasons, do things that can be done in that season. For example, when Spring arrives, get your bum off the couch and go outside to catch some the sunshine! Admire the flowers before they all witter away after the season! Or, grab the seasonal food as soon as you can get your hands on them! Because, if you don't, you are going to have to wait another 12 months before you can get a taste of them again!

I must admit that due to my lack of experience, I have missed out some opportunities to do some things that I enjoy doing like going kayaking in the river, playing hockey on the green field... I thought that, ahh, I still have lots of time to do it later on. Now, I am not going to be able to do those activities anymore since the weather has gotten really cold these days.
After this Autumn comes Winter next. I am totally excited about greeting Winter! I am not quite sure if I am going to be able to bear the cold weather but I can't wait to wake up on one winter morning and have a glance of a snow white view from my window or go outside for a snowball fight!! :D 

In German, I would say, Ich freue mich schon auf Winter! , that means, I am sure looking forward to Winter already! :)

As for now, I shall first appreciate the falls. Here's a nice sentence on the falls;

A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer's wave goodbye... (:


  1. The autumn leaves sure bring back memories of the beauty of the Gold colour. How I wish I can be there to immerse myself in the autumn beauty, my favourite season.
    Oh, ever so romantic too :) strolling down the street line with trees and golden leaves along the way.
    I wish to make a trip to enjoy the autumn one day.

  2. Yeap, it is simply just mesmerizing. :D
    Why is it your favourite season anyway? :D

    hehe, i love how it brings another colour to the surrounding. ;D

    You should! :)