Saturday, December 15, 2012

My End-Of-Stay Camp

Thanks to my lovely brother, I finally got my photo problem fixed! At least for now it is. :D 

As you all know, it has been snowing for the past two weeks in Germany. South of Germany got most of the snow before us, but finally one and a half weeks ago, North Germany started snowing really heavy as the snow came from England.

According to my brother who lives in England, it was snowing really heavily there too. And it never snowed that heavily like it recently did for quite some time now.

The first weekend it snowed, I was attending my (unfortunately) last AFS Camp in Bad Oldesloe with all the ones that I met back at my first camp. Trust me, I was totally glad to see them all again!

One word to describe my last camp? UNFORGETTABLE.

It was a freakin' awesome weekend. We had workshops, played games, caught up with each other....

Funny thing, we might not have really close contact with each other but in someways we could really bond. You know what I mean? I guess that it is because we helped each other through those tough times and we should all be damn proud of ourselves for not giving up!

We made it, guys! We made it till the end! =D

Doing the Funky Chicken outside.

Snowballfight! Schneeballschlacht!

Watch out guys, the girls are ready for war!

We are a really small group compared to groups in South Germany.


Thailand. Japan. Columbia. Brazil.

Thanks for helping me through those hard times.. :)

Bad Oldesloe train station.

Great lightings, great atmosphere, most importantly great company.
 We went to a Christmas Market on the second night and so beautiful as the lights lighted up the dark and cold winter night.

They are so crazy but yet I love them. :)

The beautiful Sakura from Japan. (:
Right from the beginning, she taught me to always have courage.

Sometimes, I find myself loss of words to describe how happy I feel. That's why I would use pictures to express myself.

My time in Germany is very limited now. For the past 10 months, I have grown to live and love it here. Thus, it is going to be utterly hard leave everything behind and say goodbye to this wonderful exchange year and this second home of mine. How I wish I had superpower that could stop time whenever I want...

This year has been the best thing that could have ever happened in my life. I cherish every second of it, I cherish every tear shed and laughter shared, I cherish all the roller coaster ride that made me who I am today.

In this period of time, I sure did change in my appearance, in my thinking and my personality, be it good or bad, a lot or little, I accept those changes for they are what make me who I am today.


Goodnight Germany & Good morning Malaysia!

Signing off,


  1. ich bin ueberhaupt weiss ich gar nicht ob du ein blog geschrieben hast. hab ich durch gelesen, und wurde ich auch sagen du bist echt susses und nettes Freundin fur mich. Ich weiss auch ueberhaupt nicht wenn wir schon nach Heimland fliegen.. wir nochmal sehen wieder werde aber dieses Jahr war ganz geil fur mich und ich denke fur dich auch. :D Thailand ist nicht so weit von Malaysia wenn du willst . kannst du auch nach Bangkok fliegst und bei mir in meinem Bett schlafen. <3<3 deine Gene, ich dich schon vermissen habe. :D

  2. Meine liebe Gene! <3

    Ich vermissse dich auch so doll!

    Ja, ich schreibe doch schon seit Anfang an mein Blog! Du hast auch ein Blog oder? Gibst du mir deins auch bitte? :D

    Dieses Jahr werden wir niemals vergessen! Wir haben so viel erlebt & so viel gelernt! Bestes Jahr in unserer Leben! :DD

    Das mach ich schon. Ich werde dich mal besuchen und SHOPPEN gehen! Und du, du musst auch mal nach Malaysia kommen, zu mir!! :D Wir mussen uns wieder treffen okay!!! (;

    Alles liebe! <3