Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My unforgettable birthday bash.

Last Saturday, I celebrated my nineteenth birthday. Yes, another year older. Actually, it somehow indicates how fast time flies.

Just this time last year, I was preparing myself to embark a whole exciting adventure on my own overseas and now, I have returned as a better person.

Last year, my birthday fell on a Chinese New Year day where we, chinese people celebrate to welcome the new lunar year. I received a nice Starbucks cake and had a simple celebration with a few of my friends and family. It was simple but I really enjoyed the company of the small crowd that night.

This year, was a totally different story.

Guess what I got this year?


I arrived home on Monday and in the 5 days before my birthday, I picked up little hints on a secret party that was going to be held for me. However, I wasn't quite sure but I just simply mentioned to my mom that instead on spending so much money on a birthday party, I would prefer to have a nice present (shall leave that out here for now) of my wish. I simply guess that she understood that. Besides, on  Thursday, my cousins and I went out for a nice Cousins-TimeOut dinner at Empire Gallery. There I got to meet up with my dearest sis, Alicia too!

So, I suppose that they decided on a change of plans and have this celebration which I received my second surprise birthday cake.

Then, on Saturday morning, I went for a game of basketball with my basketball girls. It sure was nice to have a sweat after such a long period without real exercise. :) After our game, out of no where, they (my girls) brought out a birthday cake.

After my morning exercise, my bestie Andrew brought me out for dessert to celebrate my birthday. First, he took me to this new Dessert branch that is called Blackie or something, I'm not sure anymore to try out their dessert. Then he said, yeah, let's go and drink Cendol next.

So happen, the Cendol stall that he was planning to bring me to is the one that I knew which is located at my aunt's cafe, CASA Cafe behind Menara ING in Klang. He, the driver wasn't sure the way there but I did. So I said, yeah, I could show him the way. But I wasn't sure if the Cafe was open during weekends. Anyway, we did end up driving all the way there. I don't know if I should call myself silly for not picking up any hints to what was about to happen.

We parked the car in front of the Cafe and there I spotted my mom's car. I guessed, the cafe does open on Saturdays. As we were making our way towards the entrance of the Cafe, I saw a huge 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' hanged up and that is where I figured out the whole taking me out for a dessert was a set up planned together with my surprise birthday/welcome celebration.

I was really surprised about the party because the organizers really manage to cover up well. It turn out that I didn't manage to outsmart them as I thought I did.

I would like to give a big fat bear hug to the organizers especially my mom and my bestie, Alicia for all the planning done. Besides that, to all that attended my surprise party, thank you very much for taking the time of your busy schedules to attend my birthday celebration. It was surely a wonderful to see all of you again! You guys look really good yourself! :D

So, this is the story of a girl who thought she managed to unfold a surprise party ended up being totally surprised because the truth is, she had no clue about the actual surprised party planned for her. XD

One thing we have in common: we love to play basketball. :)

Thanks guys for making my birthday a meaningful one! (:

Ohmygawd, I can't beliebe that I am officially nineteen! :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Frohes neue Jahr von Deutschland!

Wishing all A Happy New Year from Germany! :)

Can you believe it? 2013 is here! It is here! :O

How great! A new year, a new start!
Actually, I'm not as glad as you think I sound. I only wish my 2012 never ended because it meant that my exchange year is coming to the end very soon. Oh well, neither you nor I has the ability to stop time. Every good thing has to eventually come to an end...

My 2012 has been one heck of a roller coaster that I will always remember and look back at.

No regrets, no hard feelings. Only a new beginning to look forward too.

Know what, I am quite sure that 2013 is going to be another amazing ride. For you and also for me.

But how amazing, it is for you to decide. The next 365 pages of your 2013 story is for you to write and colour, so come up with a great book! :)

How was your New Year's Eve?

In Germany, New Year's Eve is called Silvester. I had a cool Silvester! :)
Celebrated with the other exchange students from Latin America. I sure had lots of fun with them. 

I hope you guys had a wonderful start to 2013 too? :)

It's 2nd January, my days are numbered. But I'm going to make sure they are the best last days I will ever experience!

All the best in 2013, people! I wish all, good health, good wealth, good studies and good success!! :)

Here's a cute drawing my superawesome girl friend, Gene from Thailand! :)

She's such a great artist! :)