Sunday, March 17, 2013

Taking small steps each time.

A group of ambitious and determined fellows of Teach for Malaysia took up a huge responsibility which is to be the teacher of these young children in great need of help to improve their literacy level.

I'm not sure if you have ever heard about Teach for Malaysia, a non-profit organisation working hard towards the end of education inequity. It is fine if you're totally unaware about the existence of this organisation, I didn't know about it too until just recently. And I heard it through a friend who is a strong believer in the goals of TFM. Through him, I got to know more about the organisation and what their goals and purposes are. I was totally impressed with the work that TFM is doing and their determination in trying to achieve education equity for the children of Malaysia. I was so strongly affected that I immediately thought about volunteering and helping out TFM in achieving their goals.

TFM was only recently founded two to three years ago. In 2012, they sent out their first batch of fellows(mostly fresh graduates) to various public schools(mainly schools with a very high number of students not achieving the minimum performance level.) all over Malaysia to help these students. They not only have to teach these students, they are also each assigned to manage a project to help their students in the given two years stint of their teaching program.

Looking at this teaching program that TFM is offering these fellows, I can only see all kinds of advantages that these chosen fellows will be able to gain by the end of this two-year program. You might not know it but teaching is NOT an easy job. Fine, if the class of students that you're teaching are probably smart and very well behave. These students would make your life whole lot easier because they are very independent in learning. But what if, the students you are about to teach are those who can barely understand simple sentences that you're speaking? Simple arithmetic questions you are teaching them?

I don't expect to believe you how challenging it is to be teaching students who don't want listen or rather can't understand what you are blabbering in the front of the class. I probably can't say much on this topic either since I haven't gone through the process myself, but from the stories I have read on the TFM Blog and some of the fellows' blogs, I can only stress it is not as simple and easy as it seems. I totally respect the amount of courage these young fellows have in them to step out of their comfort zone, give up the opportunity to climb up the ladder leading them to their successful careers, go beyond their limits to give this children a chance to be able to DREAM BIG! I respect their determination to keep on going despite all the disappointments and discouragements they get by the end of their teaching days. I wish I these fellows could hear my silent cheer for them for all their hardwork! KEEP IT UP, YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREATTTTT! :DD

As I have mentioned above, TFM is only just in its infant stage and perhaps it will take a while before their hard work will be acknowledged. But the most important thing at this point of time is that we continue to focus on the main goal which is to have education equity in Malaysia.

Are you someone who is looking for something out of the ordinary to do? Someone who would like to try out something new and gain more experience?  Someone who wants to improve themselves as an individual? Someone who is really eager to improve our Malaysian education system? If you are any of the above, then you have the potential to be a fellow! :D
As long as you hold a Bachelor's Degree, you're a Malaysian citizen, you're proficient in both English and Bahasa Melayu and have no current requirement to teach in government schools, YOU ARE A FIT TO APPLY AS A FELLOW FOR TFM!

What are you waiting for? Check out the TFM website now and APPLY NOW! The deadline is on the 18th of March! I know this is on a very late notice already but if you rush a little to complete your application, I'm sure you'll be able to make it in time!
However, for those who have not met the criteria to be a fellow, don't be disappointed, there are always other opportunities where you can volunteer and help out at TFM. Trust me, they are more than glad to welcome you into the team. :D

Just like me, I obviously don't meet the criteria to be a fellow yet, but I sure do plan to apply in the future. As for now, I am going to volunteer with TFM in any ways that I can. I can like for example help the fellows on their project(giving students extra classes), be campus leaders for TFM at your college/uni, help out in the TFM office... Just drop them an email at to find out more on how you can volunteer.

Don't constantly just think and talk about the problems, but come and be apart of the solution. This is because when it is time when we enjoy the fruits of our labour, you will be able to enjoy it together and feel the sense of pleasure having achieve something so great.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Music is LOVE!

I am so sorry for not blogging for such a long time again. Just that, there aren't as many interesting stuff to blog about ever since I came back.

Truth to be told, I think I'm starting to miss me second home. I want to go back to Germanyyyyyy. I miss the people, the food, the weather, the libraries, the acitivities.... T.T  Anyone generous enough to sponsor me a flight ticket to visit my second home again??

Recently, I have just been busy scouting around for colleges and trust me, it ain't as easy as it sounds. Maybe you'll consider me as being indecisive, but the reason why I'm taking such a long time to choose is because I really want to be enjoying college instead of going in there and complaining till the day I leave. That's not what I want. I want to be in an environment where learning is fun and interesting with my dedicated lecturers and great coursemates. I am quite sure many of my friends would understand how I feel since many of them have already started their courses way ahead of me.

I have actually decided on this particular college. But then, seems like I have been getting unpleasant comments about it. The thing I can do now is either to stick with my decision or go all the way back to square one and start my search again. These colleges have been really confusing me from day one. They can actually convince me into believing how great their institute is when the truth is, it isn't. Boahh, I have really no idea how I shall describe their marketing skills to you. I think that I really should ask them for some tips on Marketing 101, it sure would be a great skill to have. XD

Anyway, back to the main reason why I'm writing this post. Last Sunday, I represented the Young News Network(YNN) from our local newspaper theStar to report a music festival held in International School of Kuala Lumpur, Ampang. It was a small scale music festival where students from different local and also international schools in Kuala Lumpur come together to practice and perform in a big ensemble. :)

My assignment that day was to report on the event and make a short video out of it and I think it went pretttty well for my very first time. :D  Well, action speaks louder than words. You shall be the judge. :)

Here's the video that I made. :) 

I really had fun reporting the event. It was an honour to be able to interview the students, the conductors and also the organisers. I enjoyed the final concert that the students performed. They did a wonderful job! While listening to them play, I could even feel the hair on my arms standing. They were simply amazing to be able to perfect their ensemble in such a short period of time! Can you believe it, the students only had the time over the weekend to prepare!!!

My favourite piece of all was the Looney Toons played by the Senior Band. They were able to make the whole piece sound fun and exactly like the one on TV! A short part of the song was at the end of the video, did you see? :D Could you recognize the song? 

Oh, how I wish I could play so well like them. I used to play the piano when I was younger but I gave it up because I thought that I have no talent in music. XD Now, come to think of it, I think I have been having the totally wrong idea about music all these while. Learning should be fun and it should bring the player joy and comfort. On top of that, I should be glad to be able to play music even it is just the basics. I think the reason why I lost interest in music was because I didn't have as much fun when I was learning it. I was basically just attending class, preparing for examinations and sitting for examinations. Exactly, how does that sound fun, right?

Well, I do not regret having the opportunity to learn music because although I'm not extremely good in it, at least I still have basic knowledge and skills in playing the piano. Also, I think it was music that helped me so much in my mental development too. I think I am going to pick it back up! Like they all say, who doesn't love music?? :D 

I would have uploaded a few pictures from the event to show you guys. But unfortunately, the pictures are not with me at the moment and I can't get those pictures I posted up on my twitter to put them here. Hope the video was good enough to give you guys a rough idea what the music festival was all about! Short but informative and nice, I hope? (;