About Me

The girl who has taken on a challenge to go on a student exchange Year Program under AFS(American Field Service) to Germany!

Q: Why did she choose Germany as her choice of country??
A: She got fascinated by the efforts Germany has done to reduce pollution. She just can't wait to see the way Germans run their GoGreen technology.

Q: What kind of seeing takes 1 year?!
A: Well, it is the only way she would be able to convince her dad to let her go on this program and it would be the only way she can actually learn their culture and lifestyle. she wanted to experience it. Not to forget, she would have sufficient time to learn their language!

Q: What is she expecting of this program?
A: Discover a side of her that she never knew she had.
Make tons of new friends in Germany.
Be the best host daughter/host sister to her host family!
Try everything her can when she's there.
Be a better person as a whole!
Have something to share with the world.

Q: Won't this year program disrupt her studies?
A: Think of it as a gap year, and what's the rush? She wants to give herself to think about her interesting before she decides on what she wants to study. So, it's a win-win situation!

She will be constantly updating about her stay in Germany.
If you have any questions, feel free to drop her a message.